Thursday, October 3, 2013

State Fair 2013

It's Thursday.

Judgment day.

No worries. It's judging day at the State Fair for the Fancy Work category, and several other categories, but I didn't enter those.

The Fancy Work category is the main heading and then it is divided into smaller categories which includes all of the sewing entries.

I mentioned the Fedora hat here. I was able to finish the second item to put in the fair. Another peasant dress with pocket and ruffle. It's bright and colorful, and a dress which means it's perfect for my girl.

I am pleased with how it turned out. I didn't get one of the chevron ruffle panels to match up, so it doesn't look like one continuous piece of fabric. We'll have to wait and see how it does.

I am sure the Girls Wear category for ages 3-5 has more entries and more competition versus the hat category so I am kind of anxious to see if it places or not.

The Fedora:

Both items:

They made their way to the State Fair via my wonderful husband who works close to the drop off location.

Previous State Fair photos: (the last two are from last year)

You can almost here the excitement of half-scared kids riding some of the rides. The smell of fried everything. The sounds of the carousel, and kids begging their parents to buy them candy apples or cotton candy.

I promise that she had a good time last year, even if it doesn't show.

She was hanging on to dear life on the carousel, and it hadn't even started to move yet. She did have a good time though.

I think the fair opens next week. The first day of the fair has a $1 entry fee...a good time to go without having to spend a lot. This year kids 5 and under get in free. Yea!! I can take the kids with me and only have to pay $1 for the three of us. They might even get to ride some rides again. And if the girl doesn't look happy in the photos I can almost guarantee that she will have a good time anyway.

Good luck to all of the participants who are getting judged today. Looking forward to the results.

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