Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cute Pants for The Girl

I found some fabric in the remnant pile at Wal-Mart. Inspired by Dana from, as usual, I made a couple of pairs of pants for my daughter.

Pink sparkles and colorful heart kneepads...

 They even look cute on.

This pink sparkly fabric had a very Christmas-y look to them. I thought it would make a cute pair of girly pants for my little tinkerbell. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Completed Projects For The Girl

So cute, so fun, so colorful...
The Pillow Case Dress


The Shirt Dress...

Started as this-

Ended as this-


Thanks to Dana from for the patterns and tutorials from which I made the skirts and shirt dress. Love your site. Congrats on the baby news Dana!

Completed Sewing Projects For The Boy

Now, sewing projects I have completed for the boy...

Pants for my son

Found this orange shirt and thought it would go great with these blue/brown stripe pants.
 Put this cute outfit together the other day.

Khaki pants...these turned out so great.

Fun for playing outside.

Football anyone? You'll have to take on "Mr. Goodbar, Middle linebacker".

Ahh, seersucker pants. We have yet to wear these because it was either too hot for pants or too cool to wear such lightweight fabric.

Racer Shorts...

He actually liked posing for these, no bribing involved.

Thanks to Dana from for the patterns and tutorials for pants and shorts, which I used to make these projects. You're wonderful.