Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Things My Kids Say

Kids are funny creatures. As soon as you think you have them figured out they throw you a curve ball. And then start growing up and you start the think to yourself, "Did he/she get taller overnight?" "When did he/she learn this?" "What happened to my little child and where did this big kid come from?" 

Seriously kids, stop growing! 
Part of this may be brought on by their spring birthdays and knowing that they are turning another year older. Where did the time go? 

I've always said that the more you add to life the faster the time goes by. 

It's true. 

College went by fast with the help of 2-3 jobs, one thing ends and another begins, and then you get engaged, plan a wedding, get married, and life changes again. You find your "forever" job and time goes by all too fast. A couple years later you add one kid, then after a couple more years you add another one. Then, they really start changing and growing quickly, and before you know it you have one in Kindergarten and another who is a preschooler and no longer a toddler. And when did he/she get so tall?

Anyway, back to the things my kids say. I came home from work earlier this week and this is how my children greeted me:
Boy: Hi, Mommy!  :) (aww, hi sweetie.)
Girl: Did you shoot any bad guys at work today? :/ (uh, we need to have another conversation about what it is I do all day.)

The answer to her question is no, I didn't shoot any bad guys, or anyone for that matter, at work, in case you were curious.


Well, this ended up being a way longer post than I had intended. Have a great rest of the week and weekend. And Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Not Much to Talk About

I've been working on projects and cleaning my house. Oh, and working, doing laundry, helping with homework and going to baseball games. 

My girl has a birthday at the end of the month and her invites finally arrived in the mail. I was able to send some to daycare so her friends would have a heads up. This has led me to attempt a massive cleaning of the house and I have a long way to go. The living room is looking good though, dining room is ok. The kitchen needs some organization and scouring, as well as the bathrooms. We'll get there. 

I've got some grant work coming up that needs attention. We discovered that we had some leftover money and are desperately trying to spend it. My department selected the new officer of the year this week. It's nice to be able to pass that on to someone else.

I finished a project for a friend. I am hoping she will come and get it soon. A pillowcase top, applique shirt, and ruffle pants.

My girl had been asking for a long dress, like a princess. I found this cute, summery seersucker fabric at Walmart and made her a long dress. I used a free bodice pattern from here that I had to make a little smaller across the chest for a better fit. 

I measured my girl while she was sleeping to get how long to make the skirt piece. She wanted it to go down to her feet. It's the perfect length for a maxi style dress, but I can add a ruffle on the bottom to make it longer, if only she would make up her mind if she wants one or not.

I added ties at the shoulder and a lining to the dress. Seersucker tends to be a little sheer, especially of the background fabric is white. I think she is ready for a luau. 

That's what I have been doing. Oh, and tracking down my dogs who dug under the fence and escaped. One came back as soon as I noticed they were missing so I figured they had just gotten out recently. The beagle, well, he was gone for over an hour before I spotted him coming back home when we went searching in the other direction. At least he was heading back home, he looked hot and thirsty.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Week and This March

There have been some little things that have happened this month that I thought were me, anyway.

Here's what our little family has been up to.

Spring consignment sales have come and gone. Love it when these sales happen! Here's what I got this year. The girl didn't really need any summer clothes but I did pick up some stuff for next year. I got some great deals for the boy. $3 for cleats for baseball! Brand new shirt for $3. A bike that was in great shape for $25! I also got a few other things for their upcoming birthdays (bike, games, assorted toys).

Spring baseball finally got underway. So far of the the six games we should have played, we have only played three of them due to weather. One of which was supposed to be on the boys' birthday, but it rained, and it was our turn to bring snacks, and I made cupcakes for everyone. The cupcakes ended up going to the kids' Sunday school class.

This year his team got their names on the backs of their shirts. Cute! So official.

I made a montage of the past four seasons he has played t-ball.

Aww. Look how little he was! He certainly is growing. Stop it.

One of my girls' daycare friends' brother is on the boys' team for the second season in a row. They like to hang out together during the games. It looks like my girl, and Marie, decided to find another family to join. She just made herself at home next to them. Her friend was somewhere else.

The boy. He turned six. Six! He is so much fun. Smarter than I don't know what. He got his report card the other day and he is just blowing kindergarten out of the water. Out of the 39 areas he gets graded in, he has only gotten four 2's for the third quarter. The rest were 3's, which is the highest number he could get. He's above his level for kindergarten reading, too. He's pretty awesome.

My girl, helping me with the boy's birthday cake. My goal is to make her birthday cake next month for her party. I thought I would practice with his birthday to make sure everything turned out the way I wanted.

Pretty dang good for my first ever try with making/using fondant. The fondant I made doesn't really have much flavor, or any flavor at all. But I like the recipe and it did what I needed it to do, so it's a win. Also, marshmallow fondant is kind of chewy.

A coworker gave me a coupon to Monkey Joe's. You buy one admission and the second one is free. So, half price for both kids! They had a good time, which was a nice change of pace from when I took them a couple of years ago. The boy was very unsure of playing near kids that he didn't know. As soon as a strange kid would get in the bounce house he would immediately get out. I think playing baseball has helped immensely with this. It was so fun to see them enjoy being kids.

One thing that made my heart happy was seeing my kids play together. Don't get me wrong, they play well together at home and outside, usually. One of them ends up in tears (girl), or they argue about something, or over something. I was watching them together. The boy was looking out for his sister. He made sure he knew where she was, stayed near her, interacted with her, and helped her get on some of the inflatables if she couldn't do it herself. He looked out for her and I noticed it. So did another mom because she commented to me about how he was looking out for her. ♥ happy.

Since there was no baseball we waited for dad to get home for the rest of the birthday fun...cake and presents.

I think he likes his new bike. He's been asking to take the training wheels off his old (toddler) bike. So I took one off for him to practice balancing before he knew he was getting a big kid bike. We've practiced a little with riding a two-wheeler with me hanging on. He will be so excited to be able to ride it by himself one day.

So that is what I have been doing this past month of March, and a little sewing.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We Mustache You a Question?

I don't know why that cracks me up inside. I see it the most on Pinterest. 

Anyway, I found this super cute mustache fabric at Hobby Lobby. I bought a yard of it to make my son some super fun shorts.

Don't you just love these shorts? I do. 
He loves them, too.

I thought the fabric was a little too thin to just use by itself. So I added another layer using very lightweight white cotton fabric. It adds some sturdiness to the otherwise lightweight main fabric.

 I even made sure to add interior pockets for added cuteness.

Front and back views. And another one-day appearance of warm weather. Perfect for wearing shorts in the afternoon and eating a popsicle.

He will be enjoying these shorts all summer long! (If it warms up. Also, we are up to 6 and 1/2 pairs of pants with holes in the knees. I say half pant because it's not quite a full fledged hole, yet. We are running out of pants without holes. Come on warm weather!)

I used Dana's KID Shorts pattern which can be found on her website. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

What I have been sewing lately!

I have been busy with projects, and work, and kids, and laundry, and life. We are STILL waiting for consistent warm weather. We have gotten a couple of days here and there, but it doesn't last very long. Come on, spring! You are on the clock now. Get it together.

I posted a photo on facebook of my fabric that I bought while on a shopping run.

I only needed to get white and blue thread. They're not pictured, but I did get some.
My faves: red chevron, the mustache, and the bright chevron!

One of my fb friends saw the bright chevron and wanted me to make something for her baby. I said sure. Then she wanted something made for a girl family member. I said yes, again. 

Here is what I made for them.

Ruffle pants with lettered onesie, and a lettered tee with matching pants. The older girl didn't want ruffles, but after she saw the baby ones, now she does. 

I made the girl her own little pillow and pillowcase (fabric from Wal-Mart). She's been stealing her brother's and her daddy's little pillows.

The first couple of times she had slept with the pillow I would find it on the floor. I guess there just isn't enough room for her and her pillow sometimes. Usually she is the one in the floor.

I made two outfits for another friend's two tiny girls. The little girl one is on the left and the big girl one is on the right. She bought the pattern and I sewed them together. There were a couple of miscues when it came to the pattern and instructions, but the results are good. She likes them.

I have to shorten the big girl pants. They are supposed to be capris, but just look like really short pants on her with the ruffles. Also, she is short so that doesn't help. For the little girl, the capris look like pants and my friend is happy with that. I am going to make a matching diaper cover so she will be comfy for the spring in her outfit.

My twin has a friend that saw this photo on fb...

Aww, look how much she changed in a year. *sigh* I made this outfit for my girl in 2012 and she wore it again in 2013. The shirt may have been a bit small on her, but it worked. My twin's friend wants me to make the same thing for her two girls. Can do. I bought more of the Easter-y fabric to do so. The only thing is that I can not find this outfit. I have no idea where it could be.

That is what I have been and will be doing. :) I have spring birthdays coming up so I have some planning and baking to do. 

So much fun is yet to come.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Can you make this?

This post is about things I can sew and have sewn. I have a friend or two that will send me pins or photos and ask if I can make that. Mostly the answer is yes. They usually aren't asking for difficult things. I figured I should have a post about what I can do that way I can just send them this link. :)

So, here we go. A list of things I can do and have done.

My first, and so far only attempt at making overalls.

Toddler backpacks and messenger bags.

Tote bags.

Pillowcase dress with matching diaper cover.

More cute pillowcase dresses, and ruffle shorts. 

News boy hat, racer shorts, messenger bag.



Newsboy cap, vest, pants.

Beach robes.

 Simple skirts, apron skirts, circle skirts (blue with white dots).

Prisoner costumes. :p

Market skirt with cowboy boot applique shirt.

Racer shorts: boy and girl, applique shirt.


Fleece Peasant-

Peasant dresses/tops with ruffle pants.

Applique shirt with ruffle pants.

Rolie polie bean bag chair (or stuffed toy hider).

Pea coat.

 Baby things: Oversized receiving blanket, burp cloths, fleece ruffle blanket. Other assorted items (hats, stuffies, taggies).

Reversible dresses and leg warmers from knee socks.

Bow ties, ties and hair bows.


Patterns from:
Pants, shorts, market skirt, simple skirt, circle skirt, Rolie Polie chair, diaper cover, Beach Robe:
Peasant dress: scattered thoughts of a crafty mom

All others are provided in my original posts that link back to the sites and/or patterns for projects. Just click on the project title (not available for all projects), and you can find out more information.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Summer Shorts and Shirts

I've been working on new things for my girl to wear, not that she needs clothes. She's got plenty, just waiting for the weather to turn warmer so she can wear them.

So when I have adorable fabric and combine it with ideas from Pinterest, I just gotta make something. I made a couple of outfits that are a summer staple: Shorts, and shirts.

I had made my son son whale shorts that he loved. They were adorable.

I wanted to make some for my girl and found some super cute and girly whale fabric. I'm pretty sure we have a pink shirt to match it. If I have more than one I may put an applique on it to go with the shorts for a complete outfit.

Next, a shorts and tank outfit.

This fabric came from one of Hancock's spot the bolt sale. It was $3 a yard and I bought what was left on the bolt. Gotta love 70% off!

I'm not sure of the name of the fabric, but it has little white flowers with a black center on a nice red background. I've been calling it the Poppy outfit, even though the flowers don't look like poppies.

I constructed a tank for the girl who has been asking for one to wear (it's a little big/wide on her). I used bias tape around the neckline, arm holes, and as the straps. I also made her matching racer shorts. Aww, fun.
I love it.

Next, a shorts and peasant top outfit. This one is just adorable!

I LOVE this outfit! It is just so stinking cute!

I made a peasant top and matching hair bow. I added a little color blocking to the top by adding some bright blue fabric to the upper part of the shirt on the front and back.

For the shorts, I was adoring the bubble/cuff/banded leg shorts I had seen on Pinterest. I figured this would be a great way to add more color to the outfit. I also figured out how to do interior pockets and used the blue for that as well. So fun!

Oh My Gosh...Stop the Cuteness.
I mean...just look!

She looks ready to play and have some fun. Still waiting on the warm weather. I love it!

Handy pockets.

Cute pops of color. You can kind of see how the shorts gather at the blue band and bubble around the rest of the leg. Next time, I think I will use the next size up. The shorts would be wider so when they get gathered and the band put around them the bubble will be more noticeable.

I used Dana's KID shorts pattern to make these using the 4T size. My girl has such short legs that I still ended up cutting 1-1.5 inches off the length so they would be the right length on the regular shorts, the racer shorts worked out well. 

Seriously, where did she learn to do this? She is just so funny and cute!

I love sewing things for a girl, but I do have a couple of projects in the works for the boy. There is one in particular that I can not wait to share. It's just shorts, but just wait till you see them. I love the fabric I am using, so stay tuned.

Pattern for a peasant dress, which I used to make the top, can be found here