Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Popsicle and Some Memories: First Field Day

My boy participated in his first school field day. I think I was looking forward to it more than he was. He had been sick prior to field day so I was hoping he would be well enough to participate. His temperature was closer to normal, 98.9, and he was back to regularly picking on/teasing his sister, and therefore well enough to go to school.

I loved field day when I was in school. Playing some games, competing with/against your friends, some teamwork, working hard and trying your best. And if you did well enough you got a colorful place ribbon. Ahh, so much fun!

So imagine my mild shock when the games started and realized everything was a team/whole class effort. Wha..? 

E.V.E.R.Y game involved the whole class... 

and they only played like 7 games... (I remember so many different activities)
and took breaks... (yes, it was warm, but really?)
and got a popsicle...(I never got a popsicle on field day)
and nobody got ribbons. :(

I know, it's all for fun, and we don't want anyone to feel left out, and we don't want kids to get any hurt feelings, blah, blah, blah.
Where was the spirit of competition and sportsmanship? Of trying your best even if you don't win? Never give up, never surrender! (name that movie) We'll get 'em next year. Yeah, none of that happened.


We had a good time and enjoyed this new experience. It was fun to see the kids play their games. I took some photos of course.

Egg and spoon balance race: even the teachers joined in.

40 yard dash and noodle partner race:

Popsicle break. Then, the human chain race:

Hippity hop race:

Pop the balloon race:

and a fill the bucket race.  

The photos of the kids on the blue hoppers were so funny! Some kids had the funniest expressions when they would bounce. Loved it!

When I was telling my husband about field day and how different it was from when we were kids in school, he said something that shocked me. 
"Ugh, I hated field day in school." 
Did I just hear him correctly? Why would anyone not like field day? I've never met anybody who hated field day. What is wrong with him? 
And then the realization of why he said that came to light. "Because it involved some (minimal) athleticism and physical activity...?", I said. And he agreed! And it was academic related. Nerd. :)  He also doesn't like sports so it makes sense...I guess.

After over 8 years of marriage and almost two decades...is that right?..two decades!...doing the math...yep...since we first met in high school, you learn something new about a person.

Are there other people out there who disliked field day?

Friday, May 16, 2014

Random Kid Moments

A couple of weeks ago I was getting the kids ready for the day...the boy off to school, and then the girls (daughter and I) got to spend the rest of the day together. My girl loves those days. Mostly because she gets to use the kid computer all by herself and watch whatever her little heart desires. I do make her get away from it and do other things, though.

But this particular morning she was excited to spend the day at home with me. She went to go brush her teeth at the other end of the house and I heard her exclaim with excitement, "The sun is awake!" I guess if she has to be awake the sun might as well join her. 

When we dropped the boy off at school and he climbed out of the car she said, "He's a good boy." I had a flashback to something akin to the tv show Dennis the Menace when she said that, like she had something to do with raising him. He is a pretty good kid. So is she.

Yesterday we got some much needed rain, and the temperatures cooled off a little. I would like to enjoy a little more spring time before summer scoots its way in if you don't mind Mother Nature. Please and thank you. 

The kids were inquiring about playing in the rain. But we had had some thunder so I explained that playing in the rain would not be safe. 

Right before it was time to get them to take a bath we had another rain shower come by. Even though I had been rejecting their requests to play in the rain the girl puts on her rain boots (on the wrong feet of course), puts on her rain jacket, and gets her umbrella. She showed up looking like this...

How could I say no to that? I couldn't. So she went outside on the deck. Then, the boy wanted to go too. His rain jacket is a few years old so he has outgrown it, but that didn't stop him from putting it on so he could join his sister.

I don't know what to do with all of this cuteness. 
Happy Friday y'all.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Oh, what a two weeks it has been

And I am exhausted. I want another break but things have got to get done. Lots of things. I don't want to talk about any of them right now. I want to hide, but I am a responsible person and need to face it all head on because it's not going to go away if I hide. It'll be waiting for me. *sigh*

One of the things I have been wanting to do since the weather warmed up was to get my studio back into some sort of working order. 

How in the world did all of this stuff fit in my studio in the first place and where am I going to put it all? This was just the stuff that was in my way and needed to find a better home.

Reorganized studio? Check that baby off the list! I did it. 

I am so thankful for the warmer weather we have been having lately, and the sunshine. Loving every minute of it! It has been great to get back in my studio now that things have a place and I can find things again, or at least have a better idea of where things are now. Woohoo! I'm even getting some projects done. Mostly projects I had started but didn't finish for reasons I no longer remember. Things are getting done now and it is awesome. I can see the floor and have my work space back.

Time to get more projects completed, especially ones that I have control over.

Happy Mother's Day everyone! And remember, Eve was a mother to all things before she had kids. Enjoy.