Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Skirt Fest: #5--White Beach Skirt

Ha! I wrote this post before I knew we would be headed back to the beach this year. What fun!
The final skirt, maybe, I have for skirt fest is here, unless I make more-- I actually have two simple skirts cut out, but I think I want to put some embroidery on them, so they may not make it in this session of skirts. We'll see. Umm, yeah, not gonna happen. :)

Want to see the other skirts I have made? Read them here: one, two, three, and four.

I had gotten a couple of pillowcases from a coworker who was cleaning stuff out of her house. They were white with a cute design on the edge.

With one of the pillowcases I made a pillowcase dress for the girl to wear to the beach back in 2012.

Aww, look how small she was, and just as adorable.

I put this photo on Pinterest and it has been by far the most repinned of my projects (405 repins). Those don't necessarily translate over to blog views, but according to my post counter it is up to 726 for the white beach pillowcase dress, the most of any of my posts.

With the second pillowcase, I decided to turn it into a skirt. I had seen some photos of girls in plain white skirts (link to the actual website where the photo came from, which is totally adorable by the way) on Pinterest and they just looked adorable in them. I had the perfect white fabric to make one for my girl.

A simple skirt from a white pillowcase. Very sweet and a little dainty. With the white tee added she looks like she is ready for another trip to the beach.

Perfect for playing outdoors or having a tea party in your room with some stuffies. Simply adorable and easy to make. I just cut the length I needed from the pillowcase and made a casing for the elastic waist, sewed it closed, done. Fast and easy.

And here she is wearing it at the beach!

I'm sure my girly girl will love the skirts I have made for her since they are fun, simple, colorful, twirly, and bouncy. 

I hope you enjoyed skirt fest. I love having a place to showcase the things I make. It provides the record keeping outlet for my creative side.

Other projects are in the works, and even though summer just arrived, I am looking ahead to fall projects. Many more things to come.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Skirt Fest: #4 Boutique skirt

Skirt fest continues!

I missed posting this last week because I was at the beach. An unplanned trip, but it was so needed and so much fun. Just me and the kids for this trip, with a friend, and some friends of said friend. We had a great time and I will hopefully do a post about it soon. I'm having some first world life issues at the moment as well: vehicle problems and my laptop fan is acting up. All will be well in due time, I guess.

Back to skirts--

Next up we have a crowd favorite. I love this fabric. I got it at JoAnn's on a trip to Savannah. I haven't seen it in the JoAnn's closest to me or the one near my in-laws house in NC. 

I call this the Boutique skirt:

All kinds of fun going on with this fabric. I thought this would be perfect for a skirt. So bright, so pretty.

The girl had seen some trim with pompoms on a pair of leggings I was fixing for a friend and decided she wanted that trim, too, of course.

I searched for some bright green pompom trim, but the green colors at JoAnn's weren't quite right. I found some pink that would work, but I wasn't sure if it would be too much pink. I also picked up some bright green giant rick rack just in case the pink was too much  pink. 

Obviously I went with the pink pompoms and the girl is very happy with that.

The bright blue and white striped shirt was in her closet. I am so glad I looked in her closet for a matching shirt. I will sometimes think about what will go with the fabric while I am shopping for it, but I came up empty with this one, but I couldn't resist buying it anyway. Then, I peaked in her closet to see what she had and found this gem. Perfection!

So bright and cherry! A super fun skirt.

I also had her try on a bright green shirt with the boutique skirt.

That is one bright green shirt! Glows in the daylight. It works with the skirt, but I think I like the blue/white striped shirt better.

Silly girl, she wanted to bring her rocker outside for the photo session because she was getting tired of standing for me.

The end of skirt fest is almost here. I have one more skirt to go!
Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Skirt Fest: #3 White and multi-color chevron skirt with applique Shirt

Next up in the skirt making/wearing business is this super adorable white with colorful chevron print skirt. I love the bright chevron fabric. I got it from the Creative Sewing Machine Center. So pretty! I've used this fabric in other projects as well, see here.

I made another simple skirt for this post. I used some white fabric as the main body of the skirt. Then, for a splash of fun color, added a band of the bright chevron. I finished it off with another band of white fabric for the hem.

I took one of her plain tees that matched and added a fun letter applique to it. Now she will know which shirt goes with this skirt, although we do have a bright green plain tee that would look just as cute and fun.

See sweetie, skirts can be just as fun as dresses!

How y'all doin'?

I love that picture. Hi, pretty girl!

More skirts to come.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Patriotic Shorts

I made the boy some shorts for the 4th. I love 'em. I think they are super cute, and so is he.

Notice that he is missing one of his front teeth. It came out earlier that day while swimming. The other one is pretty loose, too.

I got the idea for the shorts from pinterest. Scroll down to find the shorts. I did a simpler version by just cutting the blue star from fabric that already had little stars on it. I got the fabric from a little shop that opened recently in the small town next to mine called Krafty Kreations. It was perfect for this project.

I think he likes them.
We enjoyed our 4th and look forward to the rest of summer.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Skirt Fest: #2 Layered skirt

I like to sew. 

That's not news.

I like sewing skirts. 

They are cute and fun and don't require much fabric.

My girl, however, is not much of a skirt fan. She likes dresses. I can't blame my girly girl for liking dresses. They are one piece, simple, light, and perfect for any occasion.

I thought I would make her some skirts anyway. Maybe, just maybe, if I made them fun she would like them and actually wear them. 

I posted about the bubble skirt (skirt fest #1) I made her herewhich started off this skirt fest posts--that I just came up with right now. Look at me thinking on the spot.

This time I paired it with a gray and white striped shirt she had in her closet. The peach flower on the shirt doesn't quite go with the pink in the skirt, if only the flower had been pink!, but I think it works, even with the stain on the shirt that I will try my best to see if I can get it out.

So cute! I'll have to keep an eye out to see if I can find another gray and white striped shirt in a bigger size so she can wear the skirt for the next year, or two.

This skirt fest (#2) post features a layered simple skirt.

The tank came from Wal-mart, the ladybug fabric from JoAnn's and the red with white dots from Hancock fabrics. I wasn't sure if a simple plain tee would work with this skirt. I wanted something with a little more to it, but wasn't sure what exactly. Then, I saw this black white tank at the store and thought maybe that's what it needed. When I put the outfit on her, I wasn't so sure that is what the skirt needed. I'm just not sure if it works.

So I put her in a simple white tee. 

I love this look better than the tank! I thought maybe something this simple would be too simple and not make the skirt shine. Nope. The skirt shines better with the simple tee. So much fun!

I am hoping she will take to the skirts, they just look so adorable on her.

More to come later, stay tuned!