Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Week

Why is there always so much to do? It's been my week of mostly off work days, which means I do more work than if I was actually at work.
Here's what happened:

*Housework, laundry, cleaning, school, teaching, t-ball games, homework. All that parenting stuff.

*Tuesday the girl had a dentist appointment to sort of fill in some deep grooves on her bottom molars so that "cavity bugs" can't hide in there and cause problems. She sort of got two small fillings to prevent having to get fillings later on. This procedure would also make it easier to clean her teeth. She did great. The dentist just walked right in and got to work. No numbing stuff, no laughing gas, no shots. She barely moved and didn't make a noise. When they were done she picked out a spikey pink ring from the prize box. That's my girl!

*After the dentist we went to the fair to pick up my items. I put all of my ribbons together.

*One of the people who work in one of the buildings I work in is trying to clean out her mom's house. The short of the story is that she has a bunch of fabric. She asked if I wanted it. Sure, I said. I like free fabric. She mentioned that some of it is probably pretty dated, but if it could be used I could have it. I figured she would just be able to bring whatever she found to the building and I could bring it home. No. Apparently there was a lot of fabric. A LOT!! So, since we were in the area coming from the fair we stopped by the house and loaded up my truck.

This isn't even all of it. Only what would fit. And they haven't finished cleaning out her mom's house so there might be more. Let the sorting begin!

*Since it was getting close to the end of the year I figured why not make one more doctor's appointment and see if I even get close to meeting my deductible this year. I know no one really likes going to the doctor, but I kind of miss him. He's so wonderful, even if he didn't deliver my babies.

*Started going through the free fabric to see what I could use/keep and what I could get rid of. So far I think I will be keeping about 60% of what I brought home. There were some interesting finds. A photo of some thread and a bag of buttons. Love buttons. I have no idea what type of thread is on the cones. What was it supposed to be used for? What will I do with it? It's a lot of thread.

*Our Friday t-ball game was interesting. Three teams showed up to play ball. Weird. So what happens when the navy blue-blue (the boy's team), the black-blue team, and the green-white all show up? Answer: We all play ball, and try not to get confused. The coaches did a good job of figuring the whole thing out, but it was kind of a strange thing to happen.

*Halloween decorating. Fall festival. Pumpkin picking. (In that order) Busy, busy weekend.

If you have any tips on getting that musty smell out of fabric please share. I have washed some of it and hung it outside to dry. It helps, but it is faintly still there. I have washed others using color-safe bleach and put it in the dryer because the sun was setting. Still kind of there. Maybe soak in a bathtub filled with a water and vinegar solution? I saw this tip online. Might be worth a shot. **Update: I did the whole soak in vinegar thing. Then washed the fabrics again, hung them out on the line to dry, sprayed them with febreze, and later took them off the line to fold and put away. They smell like febreze now. I should probably get some more of that stuff, preferably in a smell I like. I didn't pick out this particular bottle, but it's what we had on hand.

Hope your weekend was fantastic!

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