Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall to Halloween

I've been working on some projects that are perfect for Fall. If you are on Pinterest then you have probably seen versions of these outfits from other crafty/sewy people.

I have a friend who has two tiny, smiley girls. She usually has a lady that makes matchy outfits her girls and she does great work. I'm envious. It's cute stuff.

This time she asked me to make matching fall outfits for her girls when they went on a trip to the mountains. It was my short work week so I had the time and said yes. I picked up the fabric and got to work.

I made two peasant dresses with matching ruffle pants using patterns from here and here.

Whoops, I got distracted by peasant dresses on Pinterest. Where was I?

Oh, yes. I did an online image search for a pumpkin and found a shape that I liked. I scaled it so it would be the right proportions for each girl. I used some scrap orange chevron fabric and heat n bond to attach it. The green fabric was in my stash and works perfectly for the stem.

Then, I did a very close zig-zag stitch around the pumpkin to secure it to the top.

My friend was eager to see photos so I put the biggest size outfit on my girl before I stitched the pumpkin down.

Cute! It "fits" her, but definitely fits the little girl it was made for much better. The ruffle could be more ruffle-y, though. My ability to match up chevron is not the greatest, so is my ability to get a straight line so the outcome doesn't look like it slopes to one side. grrr. But that is why I sew, so I can get better. I did apologize to my friend for my sewing errors ahead of time. She loved the outfits and I'm glad she's not too picky. :)

While I was out shopping for more brown chevron fabric (I didn't have enough), I found some other fabrics at stores and in the remnants bins. (Shocking! I know).

I found some fabric at Wal-Mart that I thought would be perfect for Halloween for my girl. Again, inspiration from Pinterest, and from my online pumpkin-image search, I put together an outfit for my girl to add to her Halloween wear.

I took a shirt she had in her closet (so glad she had a black one) and added my own applique to it to match those stinkin' cute orange, black and white dot fabric I found at Wal-Mart!

I made the E applique by searching for a font on a computer that had the look I was going for. I added to it a little...the short line in the middle of the E needed something more, but I mostly kept it the same. I have no idea what font I actually chose though, sorry. I'll try to find it again. It's Ravie. The font is Ravie. (FYI: Apparently the font Raavi is not the same as Ravie). So if you have that font you will get the uppercase E that looks similar to the one I used, without my little addition.

The witches hat came from an online image search...the one for the pumpkins I had done earlier. I thought the shape of this hat was perfect.

I didn't want to do a plain white hat or black hat. I wanted something with a little more character to it and not look out of place. I went searching in my fabric scraps and found some that might work, but just weren't right. I found some black chevron in my stash, that I had no idea what I was going to do with, and now I had a solution.

The girl requested ruffles on her pants, so having the black chevron for the ruffles, and the hat, really tied everything together.

Getting the zig-zag stitches around the hat and E this time was not very easy. I kept having thread was not fun. I persevered and it got finished. The unevenness of the stitches only adds character to the finished product...I was the plan the whole that it could fit in with the season...yeah, that's it. A happy accident, I guess, as Bob Ross would say.

Yes, that is an Easter water globe she is holding. We like to keep all holidays available for everyday use. She's cute.

The pants are a little long for her, but just roll down the waist and it fits perfectly for this year. Unroll it for next year and the fun continues.

Umm...should I be concerned about something? My little model.

Ruffle-y pants. Super cute!

Some silly photos. And a little sneak peek at another project I am working on.

*wink* Heehee. Cracks me up.

I found some other ideas I want to try for Halloween wear as well. I want to make something for the boy. I added them to my Pinterest board. 

Here's what I came up with.

I created the Frankenstein monster head using Microsoft Word. Simple basic shapes to make the head and facial features. I sketched out how I wanted the hair line to look on the paper printout.

He doesn't look scary at all. He's rather cute. Just like the boy who is wearing him. He is thrilled with his new Halloween shirt. Makes me happy.

Pretending to me a monster. Sometimes I am not so sure he is pretending. We are working on it. Baby steps.

Here is another shirt I made for him.

I loved the version I saw on Pinterest. I found a font that would work for the season. Kind of reminds me of college greek attire. He hasn't seen this one yet because I finished after he went to bed. I used to same fabric that I used to make my daughter's Halloween outfit. They can "match" without it being too much. And she can wear the shirt when she grows into it. Bonus!

Both shirts were made using heat n' bond to adhere the fabric to the shirt. I then stitched down the appliques, in matching/coordinating thread, so they wouldn't peel off due to wash and wear. I used a straight stitch, nothing fancy.

Looking forward to the start of Halloween wear!

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