Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fuzzy Monster Oxford

This fabric is just adorable. These little colorful fuzzy monsters tossed around waiting for someone to take a closer look. Ha! So, naturally I make them into an oxford shirt for my son.

Aww! So handsome. There is nothing like a little boy in a button up shirt.

They're so fuzzy! 
Who says oxfords need to be plain, or boring? Nope. Pick out some super fun fabric and get to sewing. The results will be absolutely adorable.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Super Words Oxford

The things I do for my kids. I make them things. Love them. Take care of them. Teach them things. Prepare them for a lifetime of decision making. And what do I get in return? Hugs, smiles, and a full heart. Well, the last thing will come when they are completely grown up, I hope, and enter the world on their own as upstanding members of society. For right now, I'll take the hugs and smiles all day long!

I made my boy an oxford shirt fitting for his love of super heroes.

Nothing brings a smile to a boys face like super heroes, and comic books. When I saw this fabric with super hero comic books words on it, how could I not buy it and make something for the boy? He's so handsome.

This was one of my first attempts at making an oxford shirt, so it is far from perfect. But that is ok. That is what trying new things is all about. Making mistakes and improving on them the next time.

Super kid!

Oh, the busyness of life. Loving every minute of it. Hope you are staying dry and warm. The rain is never ending in the south, but we might see some sunshine over the next couple of days. *fingers crossed*