Monday, March 30, 2015

Fox and owl racerback dress

I took a short break to do some family things. All in good fun, of course.

Today I have a knit dress I made for my girl. I generally don't sew with knit fabric because it seemed tricky, but I haven't really had any issues with it at all, and my ability to make things for my kids has increased. If only the time to make things would also increase.

This is the Rio Racerback tank and dress pattern from Peek-A-Boo pattern shop. The neckline is a bit funky, but that is a sewing error on my part. I forgot to gather that part, but it's ok, the dress still works.

I love this fox and owl print fabric. So cute for this dress.

It's perfect for warm weather, if we ever get any for an extended period of time. This is a great play dress and it looks and feels so comfy on her. She is ready to play!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mustache Peasant Dress

I have another dress to share with you today. 

I loved this mustache fabric from Hobby Lobby so much, and when I saw a peasant dress made with this fabric on pinterest, I, of course, had to make one for my girl. 

The pinterest version had a bright blue ruffle with buttons in the middle. I did a "u" ruffle neckline with buttons. I loved it when I finished the dress, but when I put it on my daughter, well, the embellishment seems a bit overwhelming. I should have made it smaller. 

Yep. Definitely should have made it smaller. Oh, well.

She loves a dress. Besides the neckline embellishment, I kind of love it, too. I look forward to her wearing this dress at the same time that her brother wears his mustache shorts. Fun.

She had a wonderful time being my little model on a rare warm day just before Spring. She cracks me up!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dress Ready

Ok, I am finally ready to show off what I have been working on since this year started. I got the photos taken, cropped, and ready to post. Look at me accomplishing things! Feels great.

So, the first dress I am showing is a peasant dress I made, and I love the cute fabric I picked up at Joann's. 

Gosh, those adorable owls with umbrellas! 

There were so many fabric options that I could have used for accenting. It was a hard decision to make.

I decided to use two coordinating colors and do a little patchwork. I cut 2.75" squares from a bright blue and pink/pink chevron fabrics, sewed them together to form a panel for the sides alternating the squares. 

I cut the peasant dress smaller on the sides to allow for the extra panel. I used some gray fabric to make the sleeves so I could add in one more coordinating fabric.

(ignore the green triangle thingies at the bottom, my camera lens has a crack in it and the sunlight hit it just right.)
I adore this dress. And I think even Dana would be proud of my attempt at piecing together a little patchwork. My corners lined up and everything. Amazing.

More to share later.
Enjoy the spring-like weather if you got it. :)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

March already?

And it is half way over? 

When did this happen?

Time needs to slow down. I have so much to do, things to plan, organization to accomplish, cleaning up, sewing to do, and a picture album to make. 

Good news, however, is that the dresses that I made my daughter during colder weather have been worn for photo taking purposes. Yea!! Posts will be forthcoming, I promise.

Also, work-related grant things are aggravating me so much. I don't want to talk about it. But work must get done, people!

My boy started his first season of Spring coach pitch baseball. He's on a good team and they are doing well so far. Just has to keep his eye on the ball. Also, his birthday is coming up. 7. He'll be 7! 

I can't wait to get to a point that I can put together posts about what I have been doing lately.

Enjoy the warm weather if you got it. We sure have been when we can.