Friday, October 11, 2013

My Week

Oh, you know, just doing stuff. Here's my weekly run-down.

  • Decided on Monday to redo my daughter's room. I moved most of her stuff out and put it in the living room. It was kind of crowded in there. Her room looks so nice now. The living room...not so much. I'll get to it, eventually.

  • The State Fair finally published the results for the categories my items were in. Two blue ribbons!
  • Washed all of the kids' fall clothing so I can change out their wardrobes now that it is getting cooler.
  • Working on a couple of sewing projects. One of which I have to finish soon because my friend wants it done fairly quickly. I am in the end stages anyway, so it should be done by this weekend. This is partly to blame for the still cluttered living room.
  • T-ball games: The boy is getting good. He hit 75% of the balls on the first pitch.
  • Went to work for my one day this week and attempted to get work done. Waiting on approvals to move forward is hard for me to do.
  • Finished the sewing projects for my friend. They turned out...good. I could have done a much better job, but it's a learning curve, and good practice for me.

  • Looking forward to a beautiful weekend.


  1. Caaa-ute outfits!! Think I could get away with wearing something like that????

    Yay for organizing your daughters room. And TWO BLUE RIBBONS???? Awesome!

    1. They are cute! It's a good thing my daughter is girly, because I like making her girly things but it's not necessarily a style I go for myself. You'd look adorable, just like your photo from the other day.
      Her room is looking good too. Well, she's been playing in it, but it's so much better.
      I pick up my ribbons and items next week. Woohoo!! Thanks!