Sunday, October 20, 2013

Little Girl's Room Makeover

We have a great three bedroom house. One bedroom in particular was the room that my children spent their babyhood in. Once the girl was on her way we moved the boy to the other bedroom and she gets to stay in the same room.

Now that they are growing up it was time to change things up a bit. The only thing that had really changed in the girl's room was the crib to the bed.

Read the post about how I made her toddler bed here.

I took out the piece of furniture that I used as the changing table to put in my sewing room for an ironing station (on the right).

I'm slowly teaching my kids to clean up after themselves. They do pitch in and help, but they are young and slow so when I help them it's more like me cleaning for them. I'm impatient like that. I do make sure they get a head start before I jump in.

Here's are some befores.

This is pre-removal of the lingerie dresser. All it was doing was holding up the lamp and some photos, and some odds and ends. Nothing was actually in the drawers any more. It needed to go. So we moved it to the outdoor building that used to house my sewing stuff.

Here's what it looked like after the removal of the dresser and before I got around to organizing everything in it.


It's a lot all the way around. The cradle was holding all of her stuffed toys and dolls. We didn't really have a place to store the cradle or the dresser until my studio was finished. It got moved to the furniture storage building.

The area of her bed before and after dresser removal. She's learning to be a hoarder, I think.

A look around the room. You can see some of the wall artwork that has been up since they were babies. I like it, but we need new art for a growing girl.

Clutter, clutter. Stuff, stuff. Everywhere.

It's ready for a makeover.

To start with I needed something to hold all of her stuffies. I bought this Rollie Pollie pattern from the MADE blog just for this purpose. It is supposed to be used to make a bean bag chair.

I used some soft flannel fabric I had bought a while ago and wasn't sure what I would do with it (as usual). I didn't have enough of one fabric so I used two. Both are pink, but one has little stars on it and the other is just tiny stripes. They go well together.

I'm using it as storage for her soft toys, and as a chair in her room.

It's a little lumpy but she seems like to it. I made the large size and it has plenty of space to hold her toys, and them some.

I moved stuff out of her room so I could put back what was needed. I put her stuff in the living room.

Then, it was time to get to work. I cleaned and sorted and organized and got a great end result.


I did eventually take down the blanket from her window since it is getting darker earlier at night now.

You can see more of the floor, too. A place for everything and everything in its place. It looks pretty awesome.

I took down the old wall art that I bought at the Dollar Store. It was fun for a baby's room, but I no longer have babies. It will be replaced with artwork that a friend is painting for me. Ideas came from Pinterest for each canvas painting but with her own little twist to it. I bought the canvas, she is doing the painting. The others aren't done yet so more on that later.

It's a perfect reading corner and the toys are very comfy to sit on. Next to the chair is a little hamper for her dress up stuff.

Her toys were put back in the storage bins and you can see the floor so she has room to play in her room now.

I moved her bookcase over closer to the bed and organized her books. The bookcase also holds her puzzles.

I straightened up her butterfly wall art and put a few of her toys back on her bed.

She looks so cute taking a nap in her nice clean room. When I get the rest of the paintings I'll do a post about that as well, and when I hang the rest of her artwork I have for her.

For right now we are enjoying the clean room.

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