Friday, October 4, 2013

My Week

It's been an interesting long work week. Here's what has been going on in my world.

  • I finished up my Illustrator 101 course. The final project was left up to us to design something. The purpose of the project was that we took the course to learn how to do something and now was the time that we could use all of the things we learned to create just that thing. Which is awesome, except I had no preconceived idea since I won the course through the MADE blog. I did learn a great deal about Illustrator though, and created something for the final project.

  • Went to a workshop for grant awards. Got some good news from the workshop about my grant.

  • Got my days mixed up for which day this week would be the half day of school. It was not Tuesday. So I sent my son off to school with no actual lunch, just a snack. Luckily I called the school before his class went to lunch to let them know that he had no actual lunch so he could eat his first school prepared lunch, even though he had no money on his lunch card to pay for it. Yep, DA of the day award for Moms right here.

  • The boy had his first Fall t-ball game of the season. I made him run two laps around the whole field for playing in the dirt and dancing around. It's not a regulation sized field so it wasn't really that far. Just big enough that he got the message to not play in the dirt and to pay attention to the game. He didn't like running the whole field so hopefully he will have learned his lesson.

  • I wrote posts about my 99% completed studio. Read those if you like looking at other sewers work spaces. I love having a peek inside someone else's space. Tour. Setup. I'm sure as time goes by I will post more photos. I think it's just so pretty.

  • The boy had picture day at school.

  • State Fair judging day on Thursday. No results posted yet for my category.

  • Went to my son's second t-ball game. There are some things about people I just don't understand. Like why do you have to bring your entire family to a game? Why does your entire family have small children who whine and cry the whole time? Do you not know that it is getting close to their bedtime and they should probably be at home anyway? Toddlers don't care about baseball. And why do you need to talk constantly to each other? I'm all for family support and everything, even if it is something I've not been acclimated to, I still find it baffling. I guess what bothered me the most was the unnecessary, loud noise all around me, and I don't like that.  It was getting overwhelming. I could have moved, but I'm not sure the new spot would have been any better. I sucked it up and dealt with it. Part of it got easier once the hubs came to retrieve the girl to get her ready for bed. She wasn't whiney or anything, just a busy body. Take a lesson people.

  • Working the weekend, getting some actual work done.
Have a great weekend!

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