Saturday, March 23, 2013


Construction continues...

Exterior walls up, siding taken down, and plywood applied to exterior.

Interior...Looking good.

The next day...

More plywood put up, and we have a roof! I wanted an open ceiling. It isn't going to be a great big space, but I wanted it to feel like it is big, so a vaulted ceiling it is.

The end of Phase I construction is basically completed. The roofer came and put the shingles on (photo to come later), and the builder filled in the holes with additional plywood. Phase II will start next week and should be done by Easter. And then, I will have to wait to save a little more money and finish the interior. We'll probably do that ourselves to save money and do it at our own pace.

Aaah. So excited about this project. I hope it turns out how I want. I'm looking forward to getting my space organized and ready to do some creative stuff.

Health update: Went to get a CT scan on Friday. It was a very interesting experience, as in weird. It didn't take very long though. My doctor and PA should have the results in a couple of days. I should hear something from them by Wednesday. Hoping for good results, such as nothing serious...nothing suspicious...actually nothing at all, well, except for a possible hint of pneumonia.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It Begins!!

Look what is going on at the house...finally.



Here are a couple of before-and-afters:

Here is the empty space ready for my new space to be built. The slab poured! :)

Isn't it lovely?

More loveliness should be continuing today. Maybe exterior walls? Siding being removed? Can't wait to get home after work, and t-ball game, to find out.

I'm excited to finally get this project underway, and praying that the contractor stays within the contract budget.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Diagnosis Part 2

So, in the last post I mentioned I wasn't feeling well and my photography skills were being diminished...remember? Anyway. I had made an appointment to go back to the doctor just to check things out so that I wouldn't end up with pneumonia again.

Despite the fact that I...

- had been out of work from Wednesday till the next Tuesday. Yep, seven whole days off
- went to an exhaustive and physical work training session, passed the tests and requalified (wasn't the greatest score, but I passed)
-and worked my regular day for the week

It wasn't enough. Well, the training and work days sure didn't help. But I went to see the PA who has been familiar with me, since I rarely actually ever go to the doctor so I must be very ill to do so. Based on my symptoms and recent history of pneumonia, we decided to do chest x-rays again. X-rays revealed that I, once again, had acquired pneumonia. Really?...really. This time I will also get a chest CT scan done. Next week. It wasn't approved the first time I had pneumonia, but hopefully the insurance company will approve it this go round since it is recurring.

In other health news: a close friend of mine's little baby girl is in the hospital with RSV. Sending them hugs and prayers.

Some good news: my builder was able to get zone approval and permits for my sewing/craft studio space. Construction should start next week.

Hoping for quick healing. The weather is getting warmer and I want to do stuff outside again. And so that my son's t-ball games aren't so cold. It seems the weather has been uncooperative when it is his teams turn to play.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mr. Robot-O

In the spirit of Celebrate the Boy, I created a new outfit for my son. We had this cute robot fabric at home, can never remember who the designer is or where I bought it, but I have seen it at Joann's and Wal-mart...(?). I did find some cute, colorful, tiny block fabric at Wal-mart (definitely sure I got it there, because it was a recent trip). Now I knew what to do with the robots.

Cut out the ones I wanted and adhered them to a plain white shirt for an applique robot shirt.
Ack! Cute!
I did something a little different with these shorts. I added interior pockets, and a robot section of fabric for a back pocket. I also added a sneaky robot to the back bottom part of the shirt. Careful, he is watching you from behind.
A super cool outfit for a super cute boy. Perfect combo!

Playing around.
I also added a robot to the sleeve. It's kinda big, but I can live with it.

Aww. Finally, a handsome natural boy picture (left). On the right you can see the colorful blocks a little better.

I apologize for the not-so-greatness of the photos but I haven't been feeling well lately, so my skills and abilities have been somewhat diminished, not that they were great to begin with.

For more information on Celebrate the Boy see my previous post here.

For more information on how to add interior pockets I sort of used this tutorial from here.
I didn't follow her instructions exactly, but I figured it out and it came with fairly good results for the first try. And, now I have an interior pants pocket pattern for later projects. Don't you love those green gingham shorts Emily used in her tutorial. I loved them so much I went out and bought green gingham. It's not exactly the same green, but it will work.

Construction update: I have signed a contract with builder and they should be starting next week as long as the permits get approved. Woohoo! I might actually have a place to store and work on projects now. Just hoping they stay in budget, I don't have a lot of wiggle room.