Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Week

I've been trying to finish up some posts, and some projects to share. But it's been my long work week so not much else has happened this week. It's more been like a week of things that didn't get done, but let's not talk about those. Instead, let's talk about the interesting things that have happened at work this week.

Working in a public building can bring some interesting characters. And this building has no shortage of them.

*I had a person call me "baby".
*I had a person tell someone else that I looked like a baby doll sitting in my chair.
*There was a guy who came in wearing a pale yellow button up shirt with a pastel Easter green striped suit. The suit had pastel pink and the pale yellow stripes on top of the Easter green background.
*There was a person who came that I am still not sure about. It was really hard to tell if they were male or female. I mean, he had boobs, but really could have gone either way. I'm still not sure.
*There was a guy with all white hair sporting a mini-mullet.

*T-ball games have been going well. So far the boy has only hit off the tee once. All other times he has hit the ball on the first or second pitch. He's doing a great job.

*I took photos of the kids for fall. They are so cute!

I love this very natural photo.

More to come later. Stay tuned! :)
Have a great weekend.

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