Monday, September 30, 2013

The Setup

My studio is beginning to take shape. Here's the process of getting everything in its place.

Caulking completed and scaffolding taken down.

Right photo: a cleaner view.

Before and after photos of caulking:

It's not perfect, but it does blend in the seams.  I like it.

Looking in and looking out.

Left photo: so much space to put stuff.

Ready to assemble and setup organizers: Ignore the mess in my house. I am getting around to it, eventually. I have small children so my house will never be clean again.

 Both organizers made it to the studio and are ready for assembly!

Assembled and ready to store things.

Now this is a nifty little cabinet. My husband's grandfather made it. Once I discovered this little beauty sitting in their kitchen I fell in love with it.

I moved it in all by myself (and probably should have waited for help), but I did it with the help of a hand truck and a couple of ramps. "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall" I'm pretty sure that is what Archimedes meant to say when talking about his wife.

When the grandparents both passed away, and the children took what they wanted, the grandchildren got to take anything they wanted that wasn't already spoken for. I asked for this cabinet. If no one wanted it, it was going to stay in the house and one of the cousins wanted to paint it!. No painting this cabinet.

It will be used to store my fabric.

No fabric.

Lots of fabric. Now that all of my fabric is in one place, I was kind of amazed at how much I had. It is so nice to have it all together where I can see it and get to it easily.

Some wonderful things I rediscovered!

I have been itching to finally hang up my Singer sewing machine sign. Love that thing. I've been searching for the box with my thread and odd and ends, and I finally found it when I was moving stuff in. Hooray! Also, found my girl playing in a tote. She's such a helper. Well, she didn't really help per say. She played and explored and talked...and talked....and talked. My kids have not learned that it is ok to just be quiet sometimes. They're so noisy, and kid noise can get annoying, and overwhelming for me.

This is just a little taste of how my studio turned out. I will be putting together a tour that should be up sometime this week.

Happy Monday!


  1. So dreamy to have your very own crafting space! I'm envious. :) And that cabinet is beautiful!!!! Remind me . . . is the floor painted or is it carpet tiles? Either way it's awesome sauce!

    1. Painted floor. Needs some touch-ups from the did-it-ourselves construction work. I love looking at the floor and knowing I did it all myself and that it turned out amazingly well. Thanks Dana!