Friday, September 13, 2013

My Week

Here's what happened this week in my life. This week has been very busy. I alluded to that in last week's post.

  • Finished the ceiling panels in my studio. Needs caulk. If ceiling completeness was the goal, then we met it. It's not perfect by any means. Now, just need to finish the upper parts of the wall and it will actually be done, plus or minus caulking.

  • Celebrated my wedding anniversary. 8 years. We went to breakfast. We wanted to go to one restaurant that we thought would be open for breakfast, but it wasn't. So we went to McDonald's. So romantic. It was actually a decent breakfast.

  • Went shopping at the Tot Trade consignment sale. Bought lots of stuff. I'm not even sure why I try to have a budget for these things. Some sales I can stick to it or come out with extra funds, and then other times I fail miserably at the budget thing. Like this fall sale...over budget and the second consignment sale hasn't even started yet. But that is ok, I got some neat stuff for the kids to wear, some gifts for Christmas, and this cute Bentwood rocker for my girl. It is going to look so cute in her room. It has no marks on it from the maker so I know it is not an antique, just a repro. Still cool though.

  • Took my girl to her first dentist appointment. She did so well. She tends to be much less anxious than her brother at things like this.

  • First Fall T-ball practice for my boy. The head coach was one of my son's assistant coaches the first time he played T-ball. After we chatted a bit he remembered which kid my son was and called him "short stop" because that is about the only position he played last fall so it ended up being his nickname. He was also impressed with his playing skills. He's gotten pretty good. We've been working on batting and I am pleased with his improvement every time.

  • Hung out with my husband all week. Except for Thursday, my work day. Attempted to do actual work at work.

  • Took the dogs to the vet for their annual checkup and shots. Again, spent more money than I anticipated even with a credit from a mistake earlier in the week dealing with cat treatment.

  •  Got started on the upper wall parts of the studio. Looking good. Not absolutely awesome or anything, but remember, we are not professionals.

  • Week 2 of my Illustrator class has more homework than the first week. Still enjoying it.

  • After school pickup today the four of us went to the other side of the county to check out a bookstore, but it was closed. So we went to the antique store. I picked up a couple of cute bowls, a couple of cookie cutters, and some vintage buttons. Pics to come later. Then, we went out to eat at a decent Chinese restaurant, but today seemed to be an off day.

  • My twin started her own blog, finally! Check it out here. She writes about her experiences being a single mom and the dating world. She has some interesting stories to tell and will eventually get to them over time. She just doesn't have a lot of time to write like I do at work. :)

I am enjoying this little snapshot of my week that Dana from Old Red Barn Co. introduced me to. Thanks, Dana.

See you next week! Have a great weekend.


  1. Yay for studio progress. I'm looking forward to seeing updated pics. That rocker is adorable! And what is it with crazy vet stories this week. At least neither of us is alone in that department. :) Have a great weekend Jackie!

    1. Yea, Dana, it's yea. :) Hope your weekend is going great!

  2. A very busy week indeed. Happy Anniversary to the both of you! That rocker is just too cute! I've never seen a bentwood that small before. Very cute! :)

    1. Thanks! This is the second bentwood child rocker I have ever seen. The first was at a children's consignment shop and in slightly better condition, but cost more than what I paid for the one in the photo.