Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Week

Celebrating my week!

  • Some progress has been made on my studio.

  • Long work week=only one day off.

  • Finished up one consignment sale tagging. Ready for drop-off.

  • Worked on reading with my son. He finally brought home books from school. The first book we read was about heroes. A firefighter is a hero. A police officer is a hero. Simple, easy, repetitive. Well, we got to a new page about parents being heroes. I was trying to get him to look at the photo to figure out the one word change in the sentence. I gave him a hint. "Mommy and Daddy are________." He thought for a second and filled in the blank with, "awesome!" Raising him right!

  • Started week one of my free Adobe Illustrator online class that I won from the MADE blog, and enjoying it!

  •  Finished one book, started and finished another.

Next week will be busy and full of activities.
Happy Weekend!


  1. I agree with your son . . . you are awesome! And your studio is going to be awesome too!

    1. Thanks Dana! I hope he continues to think that even when we get to the teenage years and he thinks we not so awesome. I think at this point my husband is looking forward to having my studio completed more than I am. He wants what little space I am taking up in his area back.

  2. Love the high ceilings! Looks great!

    1. They help the space feel bigger than it actually is, and I love that! Everyone else keeps asking why I don't do this, or why not do that...because I want tall-ish ceilings so the space feels more open. And, it's my space. I can do what I want. :)