Monday, September 16, 2013

For all intents and purposes...

It's done.



Keep your expectations low ok.

We are not great at this sort of thing, but we put a lot of effort into it based on our non-existent construction skills. We don't have Mandi skills. I bet she could do an amazing job completing the finishing work of my studio.

Over the past week, and weekend, the hubs and I have been working on my studio. The insulation is now behind a ceiling instead of being the ceiling.

Everything is piled together that I had moved into the studio so I could do something before we were able to finish it.

My view from the scaffolding the hubs built. Sturdy construction is not his forte, but after some helpful suggestions from moi, it's not too bad.

The wall paneling now reaches to the ceiling instead of just 8 feet.

It's awesome. Not awesomely built, but it's done. Completion was the name of the game, the goal, the finish line...and we did that.

I'd say I am in 100% able-to-work-in order. I am roughly 97% absolutely done order.

I am in the process of caulking the seams to help them blend in better. The dark lines are pretty stark compared to the glossy white paneling. The caulk is helping.

I have accepted that it will never be perfect, that it will never have a "professional" feel to it, and I am ok with that. It feels like me, mistakes and all, and that is perfect.

As I inch closer to the 100% mark there some things that won't get done for a while, like trim work in the corners, baseboards, windows and door, and the upper wall where it meets the ceiling (to help hide some of the measuring/cutting mistakes that are fairly noticeable and caulk can't cover that much without looking silly).

Once the caulking is done I can officially move all of my stuff in and get to organizing and decorating.

The icing on the cake!

The fun stuff!

Or at least I hope it will be fun.

Some things I learned throughout the process:
-I am not Tom Silva. (explained in an earlier post)
-I am not Mandi. (check out her blog and you will see her amazing construction projects)
-Communication is hard, especially between spouses working on a project together.
-My husband thinks the belly button sweat circle on my shirt was cute. That's love y'all.

Like my new blog header? I worked hard trying to get everything to fit. It has a Fall-ish feel to it, don't you think? The photo is one I took in my yard with this flower my husband planted and has decided it likes where he planted it and just grew and grew. The butterflies seem to like it, too.


  1. Yay!!!! How amazing to have an entire room all for your studio! And the satisfaction of having done all the work yourselves! I look forward to seeing all the beautiful things you make in that space!

    1. I paid someone to start the process: pour the foundation, building the actual space, roofing, and electrical. I had help with the rest, except painting the floor, that was all me. I am so looking forward to getting in there and getting to work.