Friday, September 27, 2013

My Week

My off week offers lots of time spent at home, and time with the kids. Fun. This week I have been hard at work organizing my mostly done studio. Yes! The part I have been waiting so long for. There really wasn't much of anything else that I did, but here is what I remember.

  • I finished week 3 of my Illustrator course. One part of the homework was to make a blog header.

  • I sort of helped a young mother and her daughter get to a safe place. You can read about that here.

  • The girl and I went to get haircuts this morning. This was her very first one at 3 years and 5 months of age. There was an incident involving syrup and hair a couple of weeks ago, which necessitated the need to get a good trim. Here are some photos.
Before:                                                                      After:

Before:                                      Arrival:                              After:

Her hair is now more even and just better all around. Her waves and curls are still mostly there. I hope they stay forever.

  • I haven't started my final week of Illustrator and I need to do that before the weekend is over. I also need to finish my State Fair items. They have to be turned in next week. Now that my studio has been completed, I can do that! :)

  • Studio tour will be coming soon! Get excited! But not too  much.


  1. Aww, your daughter is such a cutie! Love those waves.

    Tell us more about the State Fair when you have time - I guess it would be the equivalent of a County Show that we have here in the UK. Do you put items in to a competition? Good luck if you do!

    1. The State Fair is a big event!. Especially since I live close to the state capital, it's the only fair we get, but it is the big one for the whole state. They have rides and food and exhibits. I entered an item last year for the first time. You can read about that here: I am going to enter two items this year and I will do a post about that soon as well.

    2. Well if last year's success is anything to go by you have a good shot this year! I love the hat you made - we would call it a flat cap in England (not sure if it's the same for you). They have become trendy with youngsters in recent years which is funny because traditionally it's something that farmers would have worn!

    3. The pattern name for the hat was called the Gatsby Hat. I have no idea why, though. I guess traditionally they are called Newsboy hats/caps. Mostly likely the name came from boys who worked for newspaper companies to sell papers on the street corners in the early 1920's-1940's. I also refer to them as taxi cab hats because that is what I remember seeing on television; taxi cab drivers wearing those style hats.
      I did make my son a super cute vest, pants, and newsboy cap ensemble that has a 1920's feel to it. I still love the look of it when I look at the photos.