Thursday, September 26, 2013

Good Deals and Finds

While I was in the process of finishing my studio we had to make a trip to the hardware store. There was this rack off to the side that contained clearance items. Usually, there is nothing I need or want on the rack and I just continue walking by. But on this day, something caught my eye. The price sticker!

Two dollars! That's a 90% savings from the original price. I couldn't pass up a deal this good.

Do you need curtains?

Who doesn't need $2 curtains?

Well, not exactly. I wasn't looking for curtains. I don't know what I am going to do with them., I don't need curtains. But for $2, I think I can think of something to do with them.

And they kind of match my floor color scheme. Well, except for the brown in the curtains. But, whatever.

I don't know if I just can't pass up a good deal, or really dislike paying full price for things, or if I should be miffed that things can go on clearance for next to nothing and realize that everything is generally overpriced to begin with.

So those are my curtains.

Here are my fun finds from the antique store.

Bowls and cookie cutters...

I need to clean the yellow bowl. It has a manufacturer mark on the bottom but I haven't researched it yet. There were about 5 green apple bowls. I only bought one. I thought it was cute.

I got a unicorn cookie cutter and a strawberry one. They weren't too expensive, and really, when was the last time you saw a unicorn cookie cutter in the store? Might come in handy. Especially since I have a little girly girl.

I got the strawberry cookie cutter because I kind of have an actual plan for it. Soon, I will be trying to think of a theme for said girl's fourth birthday. It falls on a Saturday next year which means she gets a birthday bash. Maybe a Strawberry Shortcake theme? But, she kind of like Doc McStuffins, and Care Bears right now, and princesses. She kind of likes anything and everything though.

Button, button, who's got the button?...

All of my finds:

Have you seen the price of buttons lately? Ri-diculous. They were better priced at the antique store. I love the blue buttons on the right. There are also a couple of blue ones in the bag. The bag buttons are a mix lot and cost $6. There are some fun finds in there as well. Some with the thread still attached. I also like the oversized brownish buttons. Maybe for a cape? And the black buttons that will hopefully be the perfect size for a project I have in mind. Everything I got at the antique place was marked down 20-30%.

Fun stuff!

I have been busy organizing my studio. I am very pleased with the preliminary results so far. I am a little bewildered at all of the craft and scrapbook stuff I have and trying to figure out where it will all go, as allotted space is running out quickly (meaning I need another bookcase, or shelves for storage).

I'll do a studio tour soon!

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