Thursday, December 25, 2014

2014 Christmas Photo Shoot

The kids had a short school day so it was the perfect day to take them to the mall to get their photo taken with Santa earlier this month. They did so well this year. No tears. I even got the girl to sit on Santa's lap. Big accomplishment. When I got them settled and walked out of the photo area I heard my son ask Santa if Rudolf was real. Poor guy. He didn't stumble looking for an answer so he must get that one a lot. 

This is what they wore. And they looked cute! 

Mall people were taking second looks, staring, some people made comments about my daughter's outfit, some asked where I got them from. They were impressed when I told them that I made it. One even asked if I sold things because she was looking for ties for her two sons. *snicker* Sell things. Job, kids, laundry people. 

Here is a little idea of what happens when I try to get my kids to cooperate during a photo shoot...

I started with just my son because he put on a Santa hat. My daughter went to go look for hers. She didn't find it. It showed up later.

He's cute and funny. Merry Christmas!

I go through all of this:

They're giving me mean looks because they had not been the greatest listeners while we were at the mall, and I had been fussing at them.

Ha! The faces and expressions. Bored son?

We will not cooperate.

Ok. It's getting better.

Or, maybe not.

LOL. I love these photos, even if it is not what I was going for.

The happiness is returning...?

Making silly faces can be helpful.

My girl in the top photo. ♥  One is looking good, the other not so much. We are getting to close though. 

To get to this:

There are my sweet kids. Thank you for the cute photo.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

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