Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Extravaganza: Reindeer

I had seen this applique online (Pinterest, most likely) and thought, "Well, that would be easy enough for me to do." So I did.
It is just the cutest little red nosed reindeer.

My girl has a red nose, too. I found this blinky light up nose at JoAnn's and knew my kids would love playing with them. And they have.

This is a simple applique using fabrics I had on hand, and a couple of black buttons for eyes. The reindeer even has a hair bow.

The full effect.
I made my daughter some pants using minky fleece. I call them her snowball pants. They look so comfy on her. She likes that they are soft.

I also made a reindeer shirt for my son as well, sans hair bow of course. We just haven't done the photos for it yet.

They look adorable, even if it doesn't show. :)

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