Thursday, January 8, 2015

Some 2014 Randomness

Leftover from 2014.  Happy New Year, Y'all!

Just because...

I came home from work to find my girl dressed like this. To which my sweet husband replies, "I have the hardest time findings things for her to wear that match." It was completely laughable after I got over the shock of "oh my gosh, that is what you wore today." Luckily it was a half day of school and she doesn't go on those days, so she was only at daycare. They are used to it by now.

My son is working on drawing his own comic book. Off to a pretty good start.

I altered, fixed, and finished some sewing projects for a friend of mine.

My girl had been wanting to grow this grass so she could give her pig a haircut. So we did. She told me she was going to give the pig a "tiny haircut". I misunderstood what she said. I thought she was only going to cut a "little bit" off. Umm, no. The poor thing has a buzz cut now. That is what she meant by "tiny haircut".

I got this fabulous box of fabric in the mail! The Ribbon Retreat was selling off all of its fabric and at the time everything was 65% off. I missed out on a total of 6.5 yards of fabric between ordering and cutting, but they reimbursed me for what was missing. A yard and a half is missing from the fabrics in the photos. I ordered two yards of fabric from a couple of the designs but only received 1.75 yards due to others ordering before me. That's ok. I ordered two yards just to make sure I had enough, 1.75 will be fine.

And they send you some ribbon for free based on your order amount. Fun! I love that it arrived in two days. I ordered over the weekend, but they cut and ship on business days. On a Monday I got an email that my order was ready and by Wednesday it was at my door all the way from Idaho. Fantastic!

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