Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Extravaganza: Blue and Red

I am so loving the fabrics I used to make these two outfits for my daughter. They are just so fantastic! And she looks so cute in them.

Up first is the peasant dress with matching dark blue ruffle pants. The main part of the dress has little houses all ready for the winter on a blue background. I used some snowflake fabric on a red background for the accent pieces. 

The dress can be worn by itself, or with some leggings or tights, and even layered with a long sleeve tee underneath, or maybe even a sweater or cardigan for added warmth. The dress is a bit longer than I would like for the pants, but she'll be able to wear it for another year or two, hopefully.

I, of course, made my son matching ties. One with the houses and a red snowflake knot, and the other with just the snowflakes on red.

Here they are together sporting the different ties and hair bows. So many options to wear!

 Here is a closer look at the hair bows. A funky hair bow, and a regular hair bow/bow tie.

Which brings me to the next outfit for my daughter. The pattern is from Simplicity (1793). I've used it before to make two outfits for a friend's two girls. This time I used it to make one for my girl.

Stop the cuteness! Too much!. 

I shortened the top middle skirt piece a couple of inches, because the finished product seemed a bit too long for her. As she grows I can let it back out. I made the size 5 pattern for her and is not snug fitting at all. I added the zipper in on the side this time. I left it out on a friend's outfits because the girl's didn't need it. So my girl definitely has some growing room.

I used Dana's KID shorts pattern to make the pants.

The tie in the back is great for making sure you get the right length of straps for your child. The bow normally looks better, but I had washed this outfit already and hadn't ironed the ties at that point. She can also wear this top as a dress. There are so many options!

I turned the hair bow into a bow tie for my son by using the neckband from his ties and slipping the bow onto it. They all look so good on him. 

I happened to be shopping at the Dollar Tree for some easy Christmas gifts and found the cutest pair of knee socks. I turned them into leg warmers for my girl, and they happen to coordinate with the above outfits! Woohoo!

Peek-a-boo Santa. Found you! It's hard to tell close up that she has Santa leg warmers on, but if you are farther away from you can definitely see him. Santa is going down a chimney and waving. You can't quite see his hand.

The back of the socks have the back side of Santa. Love! If her boots were a bit shorter you see more of the chimney, but when these were socks the chimney bricks went all the way down to the toes.

They are just so awesomely cute! 

If you happen to see any more at the Dollar Tree would you pick up 2 or 3 more pairs for me? Thanks.

I am loving that there are so many options for these outfits: funky hair bow or regular, ties or bow tie, peasant dress with or without pants or layers, Simplicity top or dress, leggings, pants, Santa leg warmers... Mix and match!

All of the fabric came from JoAnn's except the dark blue ruffle pants which came from Hancock's Fabrics.

I did a Christmas photo shoot with the kids in the Simplicity outfit and the houses tie. It was the outfits I put together when I took them to see the mall Santa. They looked amazing. Post to come soon on that one.

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