Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Extravaganza: Red and Green

I dare you to sing this:
"Oh, Red and Green Christmas trees, and Green and White Striped Pants."
Catchy, huh?


Next up in my Christmas sewing extravaganza is, as the title says, lots of red and green.

This is a very festive outfit. Totally adorable.

I made my girl a A-line top from Dana's First Day pattern, and some ruffle pants using her KID shorts pattern.

She also has a matching hair bow and a green button for the closure.

I love the mini-ruffle on these pants!

A better view of the hair bow, and a closeup of my son's matching tie. I love that I made the red tree be the center for the knot. Handsome fellow.

This tie is the perfect length for him. Sometimes he even does some cute modeling for me. Thank you, son.

Another outfit coming up soon. :)

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