Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Extravaganza: Greetings

First up in my Christmas wear sewing extravaganza, (too much?),we have the Christmas greetings ensemble.

This fabric is so sweet. I made my girl double matching hair bows that can also double as a bow tie for my son. Ha!

So cute!

I made her ruffle pants from Dana's KID shorts pattern, and an appliqued long sleeve matching tee.

She's just adorable in this.

I found a snowflake template by just doing a search and adding a bit to it to make it more unique, and to save me some tight angles for pivoting during sewing.

Of course the boy is not left out, he has a matching tie. You can find free tie patterns on Pinterest. I have several pinned to my Boy board

Looks good on him. I was running short on fabric to the tie ended up a bit shorter than I had intended, but it still works. 

Then, I made them take photos together. What an endeavor that always is. 

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