Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Own Project

I have been working on a project all for me. I love creating stuff for my children, but there are times that I find some fabric, or a project from Pinterest that I want to do for myself. I really wanted to make a wrap skirt for me. I found some patterns online and since I hadn't done anything like that they seemed complicated and hard to follow. I wanted it to be a quick project. Makes me wish Dana would make a pattern because she makes everything simpler and easier. So I winged it, with mixed results. Mostly good, but could have been better. I guess that is where practice comes in.

I found this wrap skirt on Pinterest, which you can buy on ebay for close to $30. Check out my board to see more ideas of things I want to make for me on Pinterest. It is such a pretty skirt. Perfect for the beach. It's simple and cute and I want to make one.

When I go shopping in stores that have fabric I can't help but find something to bring back home. I found this fabric at Wal-mart. I thought this would be a good fabric to try out making my own wrap skirt. I love the dots. The colors are so cute. I picked up some white fabric to go under the print fabric because the white background is a little thin.

I read through a couple of patterns I found online and they seemed a bit complicated and I just wanted something simple. I decided to just wing it and try it to see how it would come out. If it had turned out better I would have provided a tutorial, but the whole things still needs some work to make it a better end product.

In the end the skirt is wearable and fun. It is also comfortable. Once I finished it I wore it for the rest of the day.

I was eager to get pictures of me wearing the skirt. My husband wasn't home yet so I had the boy help me. He wasn't as interested in taking pictures of me as I was hoping. He likes taking pictures so I guess I caught him on an off day. He only took a few of them and actually did a pretty good job.

It was a little windy that day and I was worried about showing too much if the wind caught the skirt just right. 

Well, still covered! So nothing to worry about there. I had cut the panels for the skirt a little shorter than I had originally planned. It needs more wrap, I think.

When my husband got home I had him take a few more pictures of me. Thanks darling.

In the end I did make a wrap skirt for me in some adorable fabric. The whole process needs more work. Maybe a circle skirt patten to help with the wrapping? I did add pockets to the skirt, and they work, although they are a bit small and feel strange when I put my hands in them. That should be an easy fix though.

I have more of this fabric so I can try to perfect my process, try something different, and maybe have better results.

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