Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Bucket List: Part 1

I saw this idea online to do a Summer Bucket List. There were many different crafts, activities, places to see, and things to do that I could choose from, or make up my own. The kiddos are a little young for most arts and crafts stuff and they aren't as in to it yet as I would like them to be. So I chose something different.

They like to play on playgrounds and go to the park. We have three small parks within walking distance from our house. While I was looking online I found other parks in the county that they might like to visit as well. Our Summer Bucket List contains 13 parks. We've been to seven of them already!

Here's our list so far:

1. I didn't take the camera with me when we went to the community park this year, but here are some pictures from a previous trip to the park. I promise we really did go.

2. The train depot has some swings, a big metal slide, and a half circle climbing ladder. The kids love going to the depot to see the train and have a look around the inside of the depot.

3. The ball fields are very close to our house. We can hear the crack of the bats, and the cheers from the excited parents as their boys and girls play baseball, softball, soccer and football. There is a small playground there and we take the kids there the most.

4. The walking park in the small town next to our small town built a wooden playset last year (?). The Sheriff's department put it together.

5. Another set of ball fields are about 10 miles from the house. They have a pretty cool playset so we checked it out for the first time.

6. Virginia Hylton park is a little farther away. It is very wooded (so you stay cool) and has great trails and streams to look at. The kids would have enjoyed playing on the playgrounds (a toddler one and a big kid one) more if other kids weren't there. We are working on that social aspect of childhood. The girl is a little better about playing around other kids. I did get some great pictures of the kids though.

7. I found this little park online. It has a couple of swings (not pictured), a playground, and some plastic musical instruments (not pictured), and a water tree. It took some getting used to by the kids. The whole "other kids being around" thing again. We were able to get in a little water time before the boy decided he wanted to go home and play in the pool instead. The girl refused to play in the water and had more fun playing with the sand and putting it in the water tree floor area.

We have six more parks to visit before the end of summer, plus going to the Peach Festival, and the museum. I am also working on a trip to the beach after Labor Day. The kids have never been so it should be lots of fun. I am looking forward to it. So much more to do before the summer ends and we are only half way through.

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