Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Super Hero Wrist Cuffs

The boy has been asking how Spider-man shoots webs. Now that he knows the webs come from the wrists he wanted some too. I had seen on one of the blogs where Kate made Superhero cuffs at See Kate Sew. I thought something like that would be perfect for my super hero loving child.

I gathered my supplies. Felt, vinyl fabric, scissors, glue, and velcro.

I free-hand drew a spider using one of the boys' Spider-man action figure. When I got to the batman one, I decided to look online for a pattern. Jackpot! So much easier than drawing one. Drawing is not my strong point. I just cut out one side of the spider legs and flipped the pattern over for the other legs.

I measured the boy's wrist and added a little for overlap. The wrist cuffs are about 2.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches long. They are a little big for his wrists so I could have made them smaller but they don't turn around on his wrists when he is wearing them, just roomy.

I used a fabric glue to put the felt shapes on the vinyl fabric. Attaching the blue felt circle and the red spider was easy. Attaching those to the vinyl worked fairly well with fabric glue. The velcro, however, was a different story. The glue took a really long time to completely dry before they could be used. After I waited overnight the velcro still wasn't attached enough so I used hot glue. Hot glue works every. single. time. It makes life so much easier.

Of course if the boy needs super hero wrist cuffs then so does the girl!
I cut butterflies out of some felt that was covered in them and glued them to some gray vinyl fabric. This particular vinyl fabric didn't have a fuzzy back to it so it may be a little scratchy on her but she probably won't notice. She'll be happy with butterflies.

I have a few more I want to make for them, but this will give them a good start in playing and pretending.

Ignore the kitchen floor, it has always looked that bad since we moved in, but it will hopefully be getting replaced soon. I finally got ahold of a contractor who sent someone out to the house to look at the water damage from the dishwasher. Just waiting to hear back from him. And then, hopefully, I can get my room construction started!, oh and a new kitchen floor.

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