Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fun We Had This Week...

and other stuff.

It's my short week so that means I get to spend time with the kids. Alone. Which can be daunting since I do not have backup to help me out if things start to go south or get sticky. In the last few days we have accomplished some pretty cool things. We won't talk about the fish stick and mashed potato food throwing that occurred. Phew. Ok, here we go.

A craft project I helped the kids make for Grandma's birthday. They sent her a hug in the mail. (Shh! Her birthday is tomorrow, it's a surprise).

We went to the museum and had a good time. They are pretending to be space explorers.

Sleeping on a giant dinosaur egg.

At home we did some ideas I found on Pinterest, which included the sending a hug in the mail.
Here they are getting toys ready to be frozen.

A day later they are frozen and ready to be excavated. Eventually they were all freed, whether by chipping from the kids or thawing naturally.

The kids were blowing bubbles in their milk, which is a no-no at the table. I thought by putting bubble solution on a pie tin they could blow to their hearts content.

Finished another hat project. I made this one slightly bigger and while it fits better in the areas I wanted to improve- it ended up being a little too big on the boy's head.

I thought that this might be an item I would make and enter into the State Fair. Hopefully the next one I make will come out better in every way. Better stitching and sewing, better fit, and a better overall finished product. It is a cute hat though.

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