Thursday, July 5, 2012

Small Town Fun: The Peach Festival

Something amazing happens in this one little town on one hot summer day. What is typically a quiet place to live and play turns into a town that hosts thousands of people. Every 4th of July Gilbert, South Carolina becomes the place to be to celebrate Independence Day with the Lexington County Peach Festival.

There are arts and crafts tables, food, music, a parade, and fireworks. And of course peaches. And the different foods you can make with peaches. Maybe next year I can look around by myself and take pictures of all of the different varieties of offerings.

Here is the transformation of a small town:

The fields are quiet and the parking lot empty.

Small town charm: Recreation center, library, post office, pharmacy and dance studio.

Going towards Main Street.

On Main Street. The sign.

Before and Afters:

Setting and preparations. Some people stake out their spots a day or two beforehand. The rest try to get lucky enough for a street spot or pay to park in grass lots. On the way to the festival you can see some of the floats in the staging areas on the side streets.
On to the festival!
Arts and crafts.

A nice shady spot to see the parade, and lots and lots of people.

The amount of people walking around and sometimes getting in the way is hard to get used to. Even though I know people come to the festival it always amazes me that they are actually there. I mean, they are visible, and walk slow, and get in the way of good photos, but besides that we are all having a great time.

When we have had enough fun...we go back home. Which is actually kind of nice. Air conditioning, comfy places to sit, cold drinks and food, and it's quiet. But we know just about 1 mile down the road is more fun if we need it.

Fun, Food, and "Fireworks". Those little pop-its things that you throw on the ground and make noises with. Gives the kids exercise and keeps them entertained.

A wonderful day to enjoy our Independence!

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