Friday, July 27, 2012

The Sign

Remember this sign? From this post? It was auctioned off and sold for $45. I didn't win the auction and the sign has been on my brain ever since. Every so often I will look on Ebay to see if any have shown up to be sold. Most of the time I get nothing.

But, I happened to get lucky! I found a sign exactly like the on above and for a good price: $9.99 plus shipping. Not bad. Way cheaper than the one that was auctioned. So I bought it. I couldn't wait for it to arrive in the mail.

Oh, this is it. So exciting!

What?! This is not a Singer Sewing Machine Ad. Instead I got this ad for raisins.

So confused now.

This is not what I ordered. While completely adorable, it's just not right. I contacted the sellers right away and let them know something was wrong. Apparently my sign was shipped to someone else and I got their sign. I shipped the raisins back. The other person shipped my sign back.

Now this is much better. This is what I wanted and what I ordered. Fantastic!

Maybe this is the reason I didn't win the auction and did not have to spend $45 on this cute sign. I just had to be patient and wait. Good things will come.

I was refunded the shipping cost in sending the raisins sign back. Then the sellers refunded two more dollars from the original price because the tin sign got a little bent in the re-shipping process. :( It is only slightly noticeable from the side, but for $13.99 ($15.99 originally) I won't complain too much. I still wanted it.

Now, I can't wait to hang it in my sewing/craft room...that I don't have yet. That day is coming closer though. In my head I am already thinking of things I want to create in it and how I want it situated and decorated. I am happy in my head.

I did see a couple of other signs on ebay as well that depicted Singer sewing machines in French and Russian. Do I want those to go with the British one as well and make it more international? Hmmm. Still thinking on that one.

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