Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Random Kid Moments: #3 (preschool edition)

So, while I was in NC for most of the week with the kiddos and the grandparents, my husband decided to tell me on a Wednesday that someone from the school district called and left a message on Monday on his cell about getting the girl into a preschool program. Well, this information would have been nice to have two days earlier.

I had signed the girl up to do the 4K screening knowing that she was probably overqualified and most likely wouldn't get in. She was overqualified, she scored well, and since we have no delays or issues with her development she wouldn't be accepted. 

I spent the good part of a full week trying to contact the representative from the school district we live in to get more information about this other program. Finally, finally! I get a call back from the lady on the way home from work on my cell phone that I have to try to dig out of my pocket in uniform, which is no easy feat, trust me.

We chat and she explains the program and it seems like it will be a good fit for the girl. It's an inclusion preschool program. It's similar to the 4K program, but the inclusion program takes kids who are well-prepared for 4K, like my girl, and kids who may not be as ready and put them in a class together. It's a smaller class size and they will have three teachers instead of two. They'll do activities together and then expand on them in a more individual setting according to each kids' ability. Works for me. 

I gave a verbal commitment over the phone to include my girl in the program. It kind of had the same feel as college football signing day only on a preschool level.

When I got home I told the hubs and the girl about her going to school in the fall. She was excited and starting jumping around and saying, "Yea!!" I'm happy that she is excited about going to school. She's been looking forward to it since her brother started school.

Love my house full of nerds.

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