Thursday, August 28, 2014

More First Day Swing Dresses and an A-line Dress

Here are a few more First Day dresses that I made. I couldn't stop at just one! Check out the first post here.

I'm pretty sure this cute pink fabric with sweet flowers on it came from the remnant bin at JoAnn's. It was only a yard so I had to carefully cut it out to make the size four pattern of the First Day Dress and Top pattern for it to work.

I couldn't decide between the purple or blue button for the back closure. Some fb friends said purple, and I figured that that is what the girl would chose, because pink and purple are her favorite colors, you know. The blue would have been a fun pop of color, too.

In the end she chose purple, so purple it was. I ended up having to piece two corners of the bottom part of the skirt together, but you can't tell once it was all together that it is not one piece. And even if you did notice, it looks great anyway.

She looks adorable in it. It was getting dark outside so these are not the best photos, but I just love her poses and her sassiness in them. Ha! :) I love the flowiness of this pattern. It suits her well.

Now this fabric was made for this pattern. I love it so much! So bright and summery.

This fabric is from JoAnn's. Seersucker Tutti Frutti. I think I bought two yards because I definitely wanted to make sure I had enough for this pattern, even before it was released, and some extra for another project later on, like maybe a skirt.

I took extra time making sure I sewed everything smoothly, including the lining, and was very pleased with the outcome. So much so that this dress will be an entry into the SC state fair competitive exhibits. This one is a size 4 as well.

More twirling! So beautiful.

I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby in NC. It's cute! I knew it would be absolutely perfect for the A-line dress part of the First Day Pattern. This one is a size 5.

I left the cap off of the sleeve to give the dress a more tank top look, and so that she could wear it in the fall/winter with a long sleeve tee and leggings for a cleaner arm look.

When I finished the dress I noticed that the fabric had a flaw in it during manufacturing. Some of the dots colors run to the next dot and up a bit. :( You can't really tell unless you are close to the dress and look for it, but it is noticeable. 

The next one I make I will double check the fabric for flaws, and follow the pattern instructions more closely. I didn't get the full and crisp A-line look that I was hoping for. An error on my part. The dress is still cute, though.

She's part flamingo, you know. :)

I have one more Swing dress to make. This one will be the size 5 and it will be adorable as well.

Here is the last Swing dress (size 5) I have made. I LOVE it!

I got this awesome fabric from JoAnn's online as part of my black Friday fabric shipment a while back. 

I noticed that I left off the cap sleeve. I was pretty sure I cut one out for this dress, but I couldn't remember. I did end up finding the cap sleeve. It was buried under something else on my sewing table. Of course.

I attached it later, and here is the result.

Ha! So adorable!

I found this fabulous button in my stash. I think it came from a lot I got at an antique store, or from a building co-worker. I don't remember, but it works for this project.

She loves the swishiness of this dress and so do I. Twirly and swishy...dress perfection!

I enjoyed sewing these dresses for my girl, since she loves wearing dresses. I am looking forward to Fall projects, but no so much the season. Don't get me wrong, I love Fall, but I am not ready to let go of Summer just yet.

So, enjoy your last bits of summer, and I will be getting ready for Fall projects.


  1. Your dresses are all really cute. I noticed them when I was posting a picture on the Flickr site of this same dress pattern. Nice post!