Saturday, August 9, 2014

Boy Shorts: Monsters, Camo lizards, Blue whales, Geoshapes

I've shared quite a few projects for the girl recently. I do sew for the boy as well, maybe not as much, however. 

But...not to be left out, I made some shorts for the boy. I found some of the cutest boy fabric at JoAnn's while in Savannah. I can't remember if it all came from a JoAnn's store or not. Sorry. I don't have many fabric store options so it either comes from JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, Hancock's or Wal-mart. I don't get a chance to go to the Creative Sewing Machine center to buy designer fabrics very often. Ok, well, maybe I do have a bunch of options.

Anyway, I made the boy some fun shorts. I found matching tees at Wal-mart. Kid needed a bigger size though. The first ones shrank pretty good in the wash. They're cheap, so it's no big deal.

While we were visiting family in NC, I asked Granny (the great-grandmother of the family) if we could do some embroidery on some projects for the girl, since she has an embroidery machine. She agreed, and while she doesn't do much monogramming, we figured it out and things turned out great. When the boy saw his sister's stuff he, of course, wanted his name on things.

That's where the shorts came in. I thought it would be fun for him to have his initials close to the hem of his shorts. Nothing fancy, but just for him. So that is what we did. Three pairs of shorts got his initials embroidered on the hem.

                                                                                                  Ha! love his super hero pose.
monster shorts

camo lizards. can you find his initials? :)

              missing teeth! stop growing, please. :)                               I have no idea why he is sad in this one.
cute whales 

geometric shapes

So cute! There you go buddy, your initials on some of your shorts.

I used Dana's KID Shorts pattern to make these. I cut out the size 8 for my tall growing boy. Hopefully, he will be able to wear them again next year. The waist is loose enough to grow into without falling off his hips.

I am feeling accomplished this summer so far as sewing projects. I have more to do though, and I am starting to look for things to make for the Fall. Fall already! Summer, don't leave yet!

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