Sunday, August 24, 2014

Random Kid Moments: #4--Because kids can talk

 I love the things my kids say sometimes, I love it even more when they don't miss a beat either. Ha! My girl was being especially cute one day after I got home from work. I was putting her to bed and she was still being cute and silly.

Me: You're so cute.
Girl: And smart, too!
Me: lol. And so funny.
Girl: You too, Mommy.


The boy was wearing some swim shorts and put on a messenger bag that I had brought home from work from a coworker.

Me: What are you doing?
Boy: I'm going to work!

I hope this "job" pays well. :)


Boy: Mommy, you look like you are 19.
Me: Aww, thanks Buddy.


When my son started kindergarten, my girl would start missing him sometimes and would ask if we could go pick him up from school. Sometimes it wouldn't even be close to lunch time and she would ask if we could bring him home. Awww. Mostly, she wanted someone to play with her.

Now that she has had him around the whole summer she has been asking if we can take him to school. Usually around lunch time as well.

Girl: Mommy, can we take him to school now?
        Mommy, is it time for school?
Me: No, not yet sweetie. We still have a few more weeks.
Girl (mad, stomps foot, clenched teeth): I want him to go to school. 

Now that he is in school she is enjoying some alone time...until she starts 4 year old kindergarten. She is looking forward to it as well.

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