Monday, February 3, 2014

some baby things

Remember when I made some baby things for my kids' daycare providers? 

I am happy to report that they absolutely loved what I made for their new bundles of joy.

One of the girls, that had a baby girl, started following me on Pinterest and sent some pins to me that she liked, and would like me to make for her baby.

Burp cloths are simple enough.

All I needed was some fabric, which should not be hard to find. 

The only problem is deciding which fabric to make them from. I had many options, but some of the fabric I want to use for projects, though I don't know what project yet, and want to make sure I have enough for these unknown projects. Make sense?

Remnants to the rescue! I sewed some up for her. So cute! I just used whatever remnants that I had that were the size I needed (approx. 10x18 inches).

Now, we just got to meet up so she can have her baby goodies. Her baby has been very sick so the timing hasn't worked out yet. 

I feel so bad for winter babies because if they get sick there isn't much that can be done for them because they are so young and tiny and just can't fight off the bad stuff like everyone else. If they get worse they end up in the hospital, which is where they went, and then there is still at least a couple more months of cold weather and flu season to contend with. Poor baby. I hope she gets better soon so that mommy and daddy can be less worried about health issues.

I also made a tiny pair of baby shoes. The inner fabric didn't quite turn out like it was supposed too. It's kind of bunchy and not tight enough. But they are still cute. It was the first time I have used this particular pattern so there is always something to learn and fix for the next time.

The other daycare provider, the daycare director, returned to work and I got to meet her sleeping baby boy, another winter baby. She mentioned that she loved the oversized receiving blanket (left) because it was perfect for his crib, or whatever he sleeps in.

He can't be swaddled (because of reflux?), so the blanket in his crib has to be tucked in on three sides, and regular receiving blankets just aren't big enough.

I made a couple more burp cloths for her as well, but I want to make one or two more, and maybe some more blankets once I find flannel that I like. Looks like a trip to the fabric store is in order. I'll go if I must. :-)

In other news...

I've been working on spring projects for my girl. Spring can not get here fast enough! Also, spring children's consignment sale season is approaching and THIS GIRL is totally excited about it. I haven't even started my sorting, was waiting on warmer weather but that looks like that is not going to happen any time soon when I need it to. Thus begins my busy pre-spring/spring season.

Oh, did I mention that three of the four people in my household also have spring birthdays approaching? And that one of them gets a birthday bash this year? (More planning and busy-ness). And that t-ball should be starting soon? And that I have fabric that I need to match with a project so I can do some sewing? And school is more than half way over? And summer is coming and I want my kids to learn how to swim? Wait, what happened to spring? Breathe.

Oops, sorry for the rant. 
I am looking forward to the next few months and all of the fun they entail. So if you don't hear from me, you'll know what happened. My life got busy, and that is a good thing.

Have a great day.

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