Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hangout Hoodie Dress (Minus the Hoodie)

My girl is a dress lover. She would prefer to wear a dress any day of the week no matter the temperature. 

I bought the Hangout Hoodie pattern from the Peek-A-Boo pattern shop. I love that the pattern can be made into a dress for a girl or a sweater for a boy or a girl. The model kids look adorable in their outfits. I knew this would be a pattern I needed to make more dresses for my girl, especially since I can use it to make fall/winter dresses for her.

I gathered my fabric to make a Hangout Hoodie dress, minus the hoodie part. I had some purple-y fuchsia colored fabric that I do not know the fabric type (polyester cotton blend? maybe?). It was most likely a part of the free fabric I got. I used is as the main fabric for the dress. 

I had some knit cotton fabric I bought from a remnant bin probably at JoAnn's. I loved the cute multi-colored polka dots and it goes perfectly with the fuchsia fabric. To round everything out I had some purple ribbing to use for the cuffs and collar. I was ready to cut and assemble my project.

Pretty cute! When I picked up my girl from daycare and came back home she spotted the dress pretty quickly. She looked up at the hanging dress and "oooh"ed, and asked if it was for her. She said it was a pretty dress, then she wanted to wear it. She let me take pictures but she wouldn't take off her pants from her previous outfit. Whatever, they go with the dress.

I love the colorfulness of the outfit and it's a good fit. I made the 4T size for her. The arms are a bit long right now, but by the time fall comes back around and she does some growing it will be just fine.

She loves that it has a kangaroo pocket. The pattern offers many options. Short or long sleeves, kangaroo pocket or not, plus a hoodie. I'm not sure that the hoodie is an option as the pattern didn't provide details for not having a hoodie otherwise it would probably have a different name. :) I just chose not to add the hoodie and had to measure to see how much ribbing I would need for just the collar portion. (About 20 inches of ribbing).

I think the kangaroo pocket could have been slightly bigger and I put it a little low on the dress. It should probably be about 1-1.5 inches higher, but it works where it is. There are some issues with the ribbing being scrunchy at the neckline as well. I just need more practice with sewing with ribbing. All of these issues are things I can live with and if she likes the dress then it has been a successful project.

The colors are just so pretty! I added some top stitching around the collar and fixed a couple of errors that I noticed when she was wearing it.

It could use a little ironing, but she was playing and enjoying the dress and that comes with wrinkles. 

This dress is perfect for multiple seasons: fall, winter, early spring. The dot knit fabric is a little thin so depending on how cold it gets she may need to wear an additional layer with a long sleeve shirt.

The bright colors will be sure to cheer up any dreary day and add happiness to a fun, sunny day. A perfect dress for just hanging out! :)

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