Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Day

Snow is kind of a big deal in South Carolina. We typically don't see much of it. But Tuesday night was a different story. 

We woke up the next morning to a good 3 inches of accumulation!

My girl was excited to see it when she woke up and declared that we were going to build a snowman and an igloo. 

 The girl was ready to go out and play even before breakfast.

So we got ready to go play.

Her response when I told her to stop putting snow on the dog: "But he's pretty. He has on a snow suit."

It's been a while since my kids have seen snow that they can remember. The last time we got snow that my son could play in, I was pregnant with his sister and I know he doesn't remember that. He was almost 2 years old. 

When we went home for Christmas after the girl was born, it snowed in NC. We were so busy doing the Christmas thing that we didn't play in it.

The snow was a dry snow so it was more powdery and didn't stick together very well. Snowballs were a little difficult to make until the sun worked it magic on some of the snow.

The girl wanted hair on her snowman (R). The dogs kept stealing the carrot noses.

The best part of being a parent and having snow:
-Short work week=staying home during the storm
-Snow days with hubs (work cancelled) and kids
-Watching my son experience with first school snow day
-Throwing snowballs at little much fun!
"Stop it, Mommy. Stop it.", she said sweetly. Cracks me up!

It was nice to see snow and be able to play in it. Luckily, it melted on the roads and stuff by the afternoon so traveling wasn't a huge issue, even though we didn't go anywhere, but we would have go to work Thursday (today) and we want to be safe.

So pretty.

Now that we have had some cold, colder weather, and some snow, bring on the warm weather. 
Come on spring! 
I'm tired of being cold.

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