Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Random sewing

So, what do you do when you are at home in between housework and taking care of the family and you have a few minutes to fill? I do some sewing!

I picked up some cute fabrics from JoAnn's after my dentist appointment recently. I wanted to make a few more burp cloths for my kids daycare director's new baby boy, and a couple of over-sized receiving blankets that she said she really liked for him.

For the burp cloths I used some flannel remnants from my stash: the city-scape blocks and the fishing frogs. I bought a 1/3 yard of the chevron and puppy dogs to make burp cloths. The backs are just some pieces of cotton fabric that I found in my collection.

I bought 1 yard of flannel in robot fabric (love!), and brown with blue elephants (sweet!). I love cute boy fabrics. These were especially fun.

These ended up being the over-sized receiving blankets, and once I got the yards squared up as best I could, I used the whole yard of both fabrics for blankets.

I did these projects by the time school let out so I could drop them off on the way back from picking up my son from school. I bundled then up and we dropped them off. Lucky for us she was right inside the door when we walked in. She was very happy. 

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