Friday, February 21, 2014

Fleece Peasant Dresses

I had a very productive snow day earlier this month!

I love when I see a project I can make and someone uses a different type of fabric or has a different take on the same idea. I've made some peasant dresses for my girl before, and they are super cute. I love 'em. 

The "new" thing that I found was making peasant dresses with fleece. Such a neat idea. It's winter, it's cold, and fleece is a winter fabric! Fleece is warm and cozy, so why not make winter dresses?

So that is just what I did. I bought some fleece from JoAnn's that I liked and had a pattern small enough to be perfect for clothing. Some of the patterns on the fleece were really large, which is fine for a blanket, but not so great for a small dress. I also had some fleece in my stash that I could use as well.

The pink fleece was in my stash. I bought the flowery fleece at JoAnn's. The flower pattern was small enough for this project. I added a kangaroo pocket to this dress because the girl loves a kangaroo pocket. And it helps to tell which is the front and which is the back.

She looks comfy and ready to play. For added warmth I could put another shirt underneath the dress and pair it with some warm tights or leggings and she'll be ready to play.

She's just so cute! in her tinkerbell socks.

With this dress I used the flowery fabric as the main piece. I didn't have any fleece fabric that would coordinate the way I wanted it to. Orange or white fleece would be perfect for the sleeves. I didn't have any of that, but I did have some white flannel fabric and I used that for the sleeves.

For this one I didn't want to do another kangaroo pocket. I cut out two rounded bottom pockets and placed them on the front. Pockets make it easier to tell the front from the back.

Flannel is a little thinner than fleece, but oh so warm. It is soft and cozy as well.  I love the white sleeves with this dress. 

She did a wonderful job letting me take photos of her in these dresses. I love it!

Goofy girl. Sweet and funny.

Super fun dresses for a super fun girl.
Pattern for peasant dress can be found here. (It's free.)

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