Saturday, May 4, 2013

Taping the Floor

After finding out that cement floor paint only comes in one gallon units (disappointing), I decided to just try regular interior acrylic paint, which would be compatible with the topcoat layer. Once I put the sealer on, it will make it more durable for traffic. And then I can begin sewing and stuff again, because I bought some super cute fabric at Wal-mart and some of it was $1 per yard! and I want to make nice things again, well "nice" in my world. Well, I guess before I get to that point I need to finish the walls and ceiling.

I measured and drew lines on the floor to know where to put down the tape. Here is how far I have gotten. The squares will be 12 inches by 12 inches. I am eager to see the outcome.

Top photo: Looking into the space.

Bottom photo: Looking towards the door, almost done. I have two lines to do and then mark off those squares.

I put the tape on the wrong side of the squares I was going to be painting first, so I pulled it up to move it to the inside of the line....and some paint pulled up with the tape removal. That shouldn't be happening.

I primed the floor before applying the topcoat to ensure the paint would stick to the floor. The only explanation is that I did not use an etching solution on the floor before priming.

I was talking to one of my coworkers about this part of the project and she had done something like this and didn't use etching and it worked well for her.

When the time comes to pull the tape up I am going to go very slow and probably use a hair dryer.

Top photo: paint pulled up. *sad face*


Bottom photo: The three colors: a darker grey, gem turquoise, and white.

Come Monday when I start my short week of work I will begin the painting process. Can't wait to see the results. Happy results. Hopefully.

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