Monday, May 13, 2013

Floor: Before and After

So, I've been painting a cement floor, in case you haven't noticed from the last 4 posts. Sorry about that, but I will be moving on to other topics soon, mainly the wall paneling and ceiling, because we haven't talked enough about that already.

Here is a before and after photo I put together...

I used Behr paint and the colors are-
    Topcoat: Pacific Gray (I think, I didn't bring home the booklet and I can't find it online.)
      Squares: Ultra Pure White
                   Diving Dolphin Gray
                   Gem Turquoise

I am smitten with this paint scheme and colors. I love it. It's so beautiful.

I think I am at least 98% complete now. No more touch-ups needed. I have to wait for the paint to cure before I seal it, and now that I put the paneling in the room, I have to wait to get that installed before I can move on to the next step anyway. So, until I get to that point I can just sit and stare at the floor, which isn't so bad because it's so pretty.


  1. wow! That is really amazing! I would love to have a space to paint like this... love the colors too!
    Emily @ Nap-Time Creations

    1. Thanks. As you can tell, it is a work in progress, and I am eager to get it completed. Timing has been my main issue, but I am determined to finish it, move in and organize it, and get back to sewing.

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