Monday, April 29, 2013

Stuff that happened recently

Oh, how time goes by...
Here's what I have been up to lately.

Giant marshmallow s'mores...

Big marshmallows make a big mess. The roasting marshmallows definitely overwhelm the chocolate and graham cracker sandwich. Maybe next time we get the bigger, square graham crackers?

The kids enjoyed themselves. It took a little while for the boy to get used to eating something so messy. He doesn't like sticky, messy fingers. The girl didn't mind so much.

The girl got some kiddie nail polish in her Easter basket (thanks mom), and had been asking to open it. So we did. I painted her finger and toe nails. She loved it. Makes me wonder where that "girly" girl came from. She didn't get her girliness from me. She loves dresses and pink and purple and jewelry and shoes. I have to admit that it is fun having a girly girl. It provides me with an opportunity to experience something that wasn't a part of my being when I was little. It also makes it easy to shop for her. Cute dresses and shoes are a-plenty, and I love it.
Change of subject...
And it's a little baffling to me.
My department, like many others, have a special event every spring, a recognition ceremony.


I knew I was a nominee. I had heard about one other nominee. I didn't think anything of it really. It had to be a tough decision for the committee to chose between my coworkers and frankly, I think we were all deserving. Officer of the Year is an honor and I was surprised to be selected from the candidates. It still baffles me that the committee chose me. Eventually, I guess, it will sink in, but it hasn't happened yet.

(I am third from the left. You know, the tall, skinny girl. I never realized how slender I really look when dressed like everyone else. Well, except for my coworker in regular dress clothes. He's normally dressed like the rest of us but wasn't for this occasion.) 

On Friday, April 26th, my girl turned 3 years old. This year I took a photo of the kids the night before their birthdays because it would be the last time they would be that age. I am no longer the mother of a two year old, or four year old.

She is such a sweetie, sometimes. She's giggly and talkative. Loves to sing to herself when she keeps herself occupied. She's entertaining and fun. She's girly and silly and so much like my sister. She is her mini-me.

Every girl needs a pretty dress to wear on her birthday. She chose to wear a pillowcase dress I made her earlier this year. I loved this fabric (of course I have no idea who designed it or where I bought it from) and have been waiting about two years to use it for this purpose. And of course she looks adorable in it.

We went to the store to her her own birthday helium balloon. This year I made her a Hello Kitty cake. I made the face out of modeling chocolate using a recipe I found online. It's a super easy recipe, it was not super easy getting it to do what I wanted without cracking on the edges. But it worked out alright. She enjoyed my efforts. Her only request was to have a sparkly candle. So I found her a sparkly number 3 candle, which was easy enough.

Two days later my hubs had his birthday. It was an event filled weekend and we enjoyed it, including the rain.

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