Monday, May 6, 2013

I'm painting

Short work week=time to work on my studio.


I did some painting of the floor squares today. I'm liking how it is turning out so far.

Some things I learned today: Behr paint is really thick. Like Wendy's frosty thick. I was not expecting this. It gets good coverage, but when using paint brushes instead of a roller there are brush strokes that will probably be visible once it dries. The white will definitely need a second coat and I don't want to see brush strokes when I am finished.

The other thing I learned today, and it really didn't surprise me, is that it is difficult to paint, or do something like this, when the kids are home. Trying to make sure I know where they are and what they are doing while I am concentrating on the squares was not the easiest thing to do. They will both go to daycare tomorrow so I will not have to worry about them so much. It will be great.

I am liking how it is turning out so far. Looking forward to the completion. I am about 25% done, or 12.5% if second coats are required.

Tomorrow is going to be awesome! Except it is supposed to rain, again. Rain is a good thing, but it could be spaced out a little more. Hoping we will have a t-ball game as well.

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