Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween and snow

What is going on with the weather?
Halloween was a warm affair, the kids went trunk-or-treating and didn't need a jacket until the sun went down. The girl is Cinderella if you can't tell by the inappropriately short cosplay costume she decided to wear, hence the added clothing, her third costume of the Halloween season.

They had so much fun playing games and seeing all of the decorations on people's cars. They loved getting candy the most. We have a bunch of it!

And then we have the next day. Snow. A lot of it. Even with the ground temperatures being in the 60's. This was my working weekend so I didn't get to enjoy it with the kids. We didn't get any snow where I was working, but there was plenty of the white stuff at home.

Several trees were damaged from the snow. Poor Bradford pear. The leaves have barely started to change.

For the first time in recorded history, SC saw its earliest snowfall. And we got 4 1/2 inches worth. This is just weird. Snow!? On the first of November! In SC? What will the winter hold?

adorable photo of my girl! love it.

My husband called me at work to tell me it was snowing...a lot. I already knew that from fb posts of others who live nearby. I could hear the excitement in the kids' voices in the background. They woke him up that morning by telling him it was winter outside. He didn't really believe what they were saying until he looked out the window for himself.

My boy built a snow fort and the girl built a snowman, or snowgirl, as I am sure she would correct me and tell me it is not a boy.

By the time my shift was over the roads had cleared, as I can assure you the county was unprepared to clean anything like this. Good thing the snow fell on a weekend. I can only imagine the trouble it would have caused during the week with everyone else at work and the kids in school.

So that is how we do Halloween and November 1st in SC....apparently.

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