Thursday, November 20, 2014

Giraffes, and pink/gray

I've been away for awhile, taking some much needed time off work, working on a separate grant for the kids' school, and celebrating my birthday. Yea! My twin and I turned 70 together (35 individually). I had a pretty good birthday which I will try to share about later.

I don't always just make things for my kids. I do make things for a few friends when they ask, and sometimes even provide fabric.

I made this sweet giraffe outfit for a friend's little girl. It is her birthday outfit.

I found a giraffe silhouette online and used it to make the applique. I made the giraffe print ruffle pants using Dana's KID shorts pattern. Those pants are adorable. I hope the baby has a great first birthday!

I also made her this CUTE pillowcase dress. The fabric was $2 a yard at JoAnn's! Hard to pass up.

For my other friend that I have made more outfits for, we found this fabric and pattern at Hobby Lobby. The pattern is Simplicity 1793A.

So much cuteness! We could just stare it because it is so pretty. The matching ruffle pants are just too much. Gah!

I love how it ties in the back. Her kiddos look amazing in the outfits as well. Although, they did require some alterations. Somehow both of the girls' pants ended up too short. I did add another ruffle to the bottom of both pairs so that they would fit better.

I mean, it's just so pretty! Love it.

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