Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What is going on in my world

So. The holidays are coming, and I feel that I am ready for them, for the most part. The kids are looking forward to Christmas, seeing their grandparents, and all the other festivities. All of which are quickly approaching. But let's back up a little bit.

My birthday falls smack dab in the middle of November. I had sent my husband a short list of things I would like for said birthday and/or Christmas. He followed through on some of the items, granted there were a few things on there that he just wouldn't be able to pull off, like ensuring that I would get or take a nap. Not a guarantee, and a little unfair for him. Granted I do ask Santa for the same thing when I take the kids to the mall. He kind of gives me a strange look as well. Do people not ask for naps for Christmas?

One of the things I was in desperate need of was a new battery for my laptop. The original one just could not hold a charge for very long anymore, and it was getting shorter and shorter by the day. So happy to get a new one for my birthday. Yea!

The other thing that I got was a quilting book that I had my eye on since Dana let us know it was available. I am so thrilled to have it as a part of my sewing and crafting book section of my studio. 

I only have a few books, and that is just fine with me because I have to really like what I know about it to add it to my collection. I love having a little part of bloggers I follow be a part of my little sewing corner.

I guess this means that I will actually have to make a quilt one day. Not a problem, it's on my things-to-do-one-day list.

Also, for the past couple of months I have been thinking about everything that has taken place in my life. Some milestones have come around. One being that 10 years ago my boyfriend proposed to me, and we got married the next year. I was finishing up my graduate degree and needed another job to replace the one I was losing so I went back to teaching gymnastics, and met my good friend (that I sew things for sometimes). We've been friends for 10 years. 

It's gone by so fast, and to see how much our lives have changed is just amazing. I know that we will always have a connection that few other people that we know share. I love that about us. 

And finally, sometime between my birthday and Thanksgiving I finished my thesis and turned it in to the Graduate School, thereby officially completing my Master's degree. The degree actually came a couple of months later in the mail, as well as a copy of my thesis, but it was such a nice accomplishment to be able to go home for Thanksgiving that year and have people who know how important education is, and how hard you have to work to accomplish something like that to be happy and proud of you. (side note: these people were not my family, but my future in-laws. My family is kind of oblivious to the work that goes into something like a Master's degree, which can be evidenced by a couple of stories I could tell you, but will not share because this post is getting a little long.)

So much has happened in the last decade. Life has changed. Jobs have changed. Things have gotten accomplished. New beginnings have occurred. It's been pretty fantastic and I look forward to what another decade holds for my life.

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

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