Friday, November 14, 2014

Monster Jam-mies

I have been wanting to use this Peek-A-Boo pattern for while now. I got some inspiration from the Facebook group in terms of fabric. People kept posting photos of things they were making with this completely adorable Monster Jam fabric from JoAnn's. I just had to get it. I knew my boy would love it.

I made him some Alex and Anna winter PJ's. I used the size 7 pattern size so that he would have some growing room.

Awesome! I used some purple rib knit for the cuffs. There is no purple in the fabric but the color works anyway. They look so comfy.

The fit is great is also. He looks cute from the front and the back. The best part is that he loves them as well.

The totally loves the rock 'n roll theme of the fabric. He's a rock star!

I have a raglan tee pattern that I am also going to make him using this fabric. I just need to sew it up.
And I did just that...

Not the greatest neckline, but whatever. I love the color blocking as well. My son loves these new things that he can wear. He has worn the pj's several times already. And that makes me happy.

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