Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Wear 2014

I made an outfit for my girl for Halloween. I got this super fun haunted house fabric on clearance from JoAnn's. I bought what was left on the bolt.

I used the See & Sew B5904 pattern for the top. Then, I made some matching ruffle pants to go with. Pair it with a simple long sleeve black tee and my girl is ready for some fun. 

Front and back photos. 

I needed more information on how to make the circle yoke, so I searched online for some tutorials and came across a video that was helpful. The video has a circle yoke to it as well, but the back buttons/snaps to the front, whereas mine is attached, so I had to modify my sewing a bit to make it work. Not a bad turnout for the first time making this pattern. I made a size 5. We should be able to get a couple of years of wear out of it.

She really likes the pockets. They kind of look over-sized and I am not sure if I really love them yet. I can't decide if I should keep them or redo them. But for now, they will stay just like that. She will have plenty of room to store her treats. She also has her model face down pat.

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